If you’ve been in email marketing for a while, you’ve probably used personalization in some capacity. I’m sure when you first think of email personalization, you’re probably not thinking of ways to incorporate it into a holiday campaign, especially smaller holidays like Valentine’s Day. 

With Valentine’s Day coming up and St. Patrick’s Day on the horizon, now is the perfect time to use personalization to stand out from other retailers. Check out these three tips for a more personalized approach to your upcoming holiday emails.


Use previous purchase and browsing data. If you’re reaching out to past shoppers, incorporate products based on their behavior. What can you offer that relates to their previous purchase? How can you engage your existing customers to buy again?

Boden sent this email with a set of curated outfits for Valentine’s Day. Instead of promoting new products or a new collection, they could have instead used browser data to dynamically populate products based on the customer’s interests:

Boden UK  2019 02 07 0107 thursday Prepare to get heart eyes 49x300


Build gift guides based on different personas. If you don’t have purchase and browsing data readily available in your email platform, build a his-and-hers gift guide using popular SKUs to make the email seem more personal without requiring too much data.

Check out this clever gift guide setup by sweet treat company Sugarfina. They incorporate his and hers gift guides in addition to gifts under $35:

Sugarfina 2019 02 10 1503 sunday It s LITERALLY the last minute  74x300


Use the customer’s name in the subject line. This one is pretty simple, but because we’re close to Valentine’s Day, options 1 and 2 might not be feasible. Pull in existing customer information, like a customer’s name, into the subject line to grab attention.

A few examples include: ‘Megan, You’ve got a secret admirer 😍’ or ‘Megan, treat yoself this Valentine’s Day.’ Incorporating the customer’s name includes some personalization without requiring too much work on your end.

Take a look at this example from shoe retailer JustFab with the subject line ‘❤️ You Deserve This, Carrie ❤️’:


JustFab 2020 01 17 1309 friday  You Deserve This Carrie  43x300

There’s one more cool thing about this JustFab email. See the little black bag in the upper right corner? If you were shopping on the JustFab site and left shoes or a bag in a cart, the bag will show you how many things are in your cart. Nice cross-channel reminder!

Interested in more holiday personalization examples? Take a look at this post from our MailCharts archive on incorporating personalization into holiday emails. Don’t forget to check out our Valentine’s Day strategy page where we dive into Valentine’s data collected from several retailers!

Editorial Image by Bruno/Germany from Pixabay