Up here in the northern hemisphere, April delivers the first blush of spring. But this year the monotony our work-from-home Data Team experienced made the entire month feel like, well, Groundhog Day.

Still, we beavered (groundhogged?) away to keep our database as fresh as a passing April shower. Let’s review the highlights.


Brands with new journeys

As you know, our Journeys consist of triggered email series sent by brands like yours. They respond to a specific consumer action such as placing an order, abandoning a cart, or signing up for a newsletter.

For April we added new journeys from:

Cart abandoner journeys illustrate what brands do when customers shop on their site, place tentative orders — and then fail to complete them. For April we abandoned carts from:

Check out all emails we’ve classified as cart abandon.

We also completed new purchases from:


Recently updated email lists

When we’re not adding journeys, we’re busy carefully curating email examples geared to holidays and seasonal events. For April we refreshed emails celebrating:


The latest premium brands

For a while now our monthly data recaps have celebrated “braniversaries” — brands whose emails we’ve been collecting for 2 full years or more. When e-commerce brands reach this milestone, we dub their data Premium.

Tracking year-over-year campaigns and promotions offers a good rough guide to any premium brand’s current calendar. So tap into this historical data for the insights you need to help plan your email strategy:


What to expect in May

Next month we’re adding more new cart-abandoner and browse-abandoner journeys. Plus we’re classifying new cart and browse abandonment emails, as well as purchaser emails for the Yoga industry.

Editorial image by Stráner Zsuzsi from Pixabay