Sayōnara summer. ¡Feliz fall!

Whatever the season, whatever the weather, we continue our quest for rich email data.

As we pull it in we organize it, curate it and when possible turn hundreds of brands’ triggered series into revealing email journeys. Our journeys give you a start-to-finish look at how ecommerce brands target cart abandoners, browse abandoners, purchasers, new subscribers and subscription service churners.

Let’s review last month’s highlights.


New brands in our database

We’re constantly monitoring the ecommerce scene to find new brands to enhance our database. Here are some of the brands we started curating in August:


Brands with new journeys

Our Journeys show you how brands seek to engage email recipients with a triggered series — everything from welcoming and onboarding new subscribers to following up when they place an order, abandon a cart or cancel a subscription.

In August we classified welcoming and onboarding journeys from these brands:

Brands with new subscriber journeys

Brands that follow a subscription model are tasked with reining in subscriber churn. When you follow the progress of a subscriber journey (as with those for the streaming services below) you see exactly how a brand responds when we sign up, come on board and then cancel:


Brands with newly classified purchaser journeys

Customers who’ve just made a purchase are usually primed to buy again, so we classify post-purchase journeys to help you see how brands entice customers to come back for more.

Last month we began adding post-purchase journeys from brands like:


Brands with freshly triggered cart abandoner journeys

You need a good cart abandoner journey to persuade forgetful or procrastinating customers to come back and complete their order. Last month we triggered cart abandoner journeys from:

Our latest curated email examples

Every month we refresh many of our dozens of popular curated email examples. In August we added inspiring new selections for:

What about our Q4 holiday examples? We’re glad you asked. From Halloween to Cyber Monday to New Year (and everything in between), they’ve all been thoroughly updated.


What we’re up to in September

  • Adding cart abandoner, browse abandoner and subscription commerce journeys
  • Updating curated email lists — we add new examples monthly to keep them fresh

Editorial photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

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