Summertime, and the living is easy. For everybody except our nose-to-the-grindstone data team.

As we hurtle toward a breathtaking 6.25 million emails in our data archive (and set our sights on lucky 7), let’s take a quick look at our dogged data doings during the dog days of August.


Oh you fancy, huh?

Luxury brand email marketers may think so. That’s because we’ve added or updated some 90 posh labels, among them:

For the record, at MailCharts we like to think of ourselves as informal, unpretentious and easy going.


Subscription, cart abandoner & purchaser journeys

Last month we noted that subscription commerce is a superb source of inspiration for triggered and targeted messages.

These lifecycle emails reveal how companies activate, retain and seek to win back customers.

In August we got busy churning subscriptions like:

We also added cart abandoner journeys for hundreds of new companies, including:

Plus updated scores of purchaser journeys for major brands like:


Celebrating 5-year and 2-year data milestones

We retain year after year after year of email data for one big reason: so you’re always ready to uncover promotional trends from the biggest e-commerce and retail brands.

Wondering when peers and competitors are likely to start promoting new product lines or offer discounts to move inventory? Want to see how Welcome emails change over time — or how often key brands invest in new templates? MailCharts makes innovative detective work like this an everyday reality.

In fact, MailCharts marketing sleuths can now dig into 5 years of email data for:

As well as 2 years of data for:


Curated emails for marketers in a hurry

Sometimes you’ve got a specific drip, holiday or one-off campaign to send but don’t want to dive into the deep end of our data pool to hunt for prime examples.

That’s when our 50+ curated lists come to the rescue.

From account confirmation and animated GIFs to webinars and win-back campaigns, they put targeted hand-picked emails at your fingertips. For August we’ve updated these curated lists:


Emails our team loved

Heck, we can’t solicit, review, organize and curate thousands of emails every month without taking a shine to a few of them.

For August we got a kick out of these inventive campaigns:


What to expect in September

Timely list updates: Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas are on the horizon and in Q4 cart abandonment strikes fear into the hearts of company CFOs everywhere. That’s why we’re busy refreshing our curated emails in these critical year-end categories.

More subscription churning: subscriber cancellations are a fact of life, so we’re building more of these important journeys to help you test and roll out successful retention and winback campaigns.

Subscription classifications: Speaking of churn journeys, we’re starting to tag (or classify) emails according to the distinct stages in the subscriber lifecycle—from onboarding to cancellation to winback. These classifications allow you to use advanced filtering to zero in on subscription emails at the stages that interest you most.

New brands: You’d think that pulling in campaigns from 30,000 plus companies would satisfy even the most demanding email data shop. Not us! We’re hard at work adding hundreds of great new brands to our database.

For full details, check back next month.