Here’s hoping your holidays were merry and your gifts (the ones you gave and the ones you got) were a hit.

We also hope your time off has reenergized you for marketing in the new year.

And speaking of reenergizing, let’s take a look at some of the ways we amped up MailCharts during December.


Brands with new journeys

As a reminder, we call Journeys any email series triggered by a specific action such as placing an order, abandoning a cart, or signing up for a newsletter. In December added new journeys with:

Plus we newly abandoned carts from:

See all 6,824 emails we’ve classified as cart abandoners here.


Holiday emails we loved

For December it was easy to find loveable emails — from one with Santa flying an airplane through dancing snowflakes (Ferns & Petals) to one with a winking dog in Santa’s furry hat (My Name Necklace). As you’d imagine they often sport colorful emojis, fun animated GIFs or both:

Which reminds us: you, too, can find emails about most any holiday under the sun, and even specify ones with any combination of emojis, animated GIFs, mobile optimization or email score. Just use our googlicious Advanced Search options.


Recently updated email lists

Now that the big year-end holidays are behind us we thought we’d address meat-and-potatoes email examples, from persuasive techniques for prompting recipients to complete a survey to ways of promoting your products and rolling out your newest 2020 collection:

Oh, and we also updated these lists to inspire your next big year-end volleys:


More braniversaries

Ever wonder how your peers and competitors plan and revise their promotional campaigns, email templates and subject line copy with the passing years? Or whether they mailed as heavily in December of this year as they did in December of last year?

For a growing number of brands we’ve been collecting and organizing emails for so long our clients no longer have to wonder — they can see for themselves:

  • Chico’s (1,624 emails in 5 years)
  • Talbots (2,679 emails in 5 years)
  • Mango (1,078 emails in 4 years)
  • Valentino (221 emails in 3 years)
  • Rhone (695 emails in 3 years)
  • Mpix (465 emails in 3 years)

Note: What’s a “braniversary”? Our dictionary defines it as Noun bra-nə-ˈvərs-rē  , -ˈvər-sə-\ plural braniversaries 1. A shortened form of the phrase “brand anniversary” marking the annual milestone of any brand whose emails MailCharts has collected for two years or more. 2. The celebration of a braniversary.


What to expect in January

To complement our industry insights into Outdoors and Luxury brands we’re racking up new purchases in these areas.

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. We’re refreshing our curated list and are sure you’ll 🥰it.

A good cart abandonment email probably generates your highest ROI. Find new ideas for capturing indecisive customers with our updated list.

Because subscription-based brands are a growing online category, we’re updating our Lifecycle purchases and lists.