Thanks to leap year you had one additional marketing day in February. We hope you made the most of it. 💪

Needless to say, our indefatigable Data Team can wrap up a busy February that runs 29 days as easily as one that runs a regulation 28.

So let’s recap some of their hard work.


Brands with new journeys

Once again we’re starting our review with Journeys because they’re at the heart of effective email marketing.

Our journeys consist of any email series triggered by a distinct consumer action, such as placing an order, abandoning a cart, or signing up for a newsletter. For February we added new journeys from:

As usual, we’ve also added new purchaser journeys from:

And we newly classified cart abandoner emails from:


New subscription lifecycle journeys

Because the subscription model has become increasingly important to e-commerce, we also classify email journeys for every phase of the subscriber lifecycle — from onboarding to cancellation to winback.

For February we initiated onboarding email sequences from these new and established subscription clothing and men’s grooming brands:


Recently updated email lists

We curate and maintain plenty of email lists — including over two dozen that focus on holidays and seasonal events ranging from Black Friday to Halloween. With that in mind we updated lists that take advantage of two April landmarks:

Plus we refreshed emails that reflect the essential (if at times unglamorous) email marketing you do day in and day out:


More braniversaries

Time marches onand so do our tireless efforts to solicit email campaigns from 30,000 farflung brands. And just as kids get excited about birthdays, we still get excited about the brand anniversaries we call “braniversaries”.

We might not throw a party for brands with emails we’ve been collecting for 3 or 4 or 5 years or more. But we like pointing out that organizing years of campaigns makes it easy for you to detect how your peers and competitors adjust their promotional campaigns and cadences, their email templates … even their subject lines.

Plus it’s a snap to check whether they’re mailing as heavily (and healthily) this year as last year.


What to expect in March

  • New cart abandoner journeys to inspire you with fresh ways to get back those otherwise lost sales.
  • Another round of lifecycle journeys focusing on subscription boxes for kids as well as new journeys for Jewelry brands.
  • As always, more new emails to update our wide-ranging curated lists.
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