Holy cow — we’ve rocketed through the entire first month of 2020!

In case you were wondering whether too much hearty partying on New Year’s Eve put a crimp in our Data Team’s style during the first week of the year, that answer is a resounding no!

Let’s take a look.


Brands with new journeys

You’ll recall that Journeys are any email series triggered by a specific action, such as placing an order, abandoning a cart, or signing up for a newsletter. In January we added new journeys from:

Plus we’ve added purchaser journeys from 11 of the 36 brands in our Outdoor industry group, including:

Which reminds us: if you haven’t already, check out our Outdoor Industry Marketing Trends.


New Apparel subscription journeys, too

As usual, we classify email journeys for every phase of the subscriber lifecycle — from onboarding to cancellation to winback. For January we initiated onboarding email sequences from these new and established subscription apparel brands:


Recently updated email lists

If you’ve been paying attention you know we curate and maintain lots of email lists — including over two dozen targeting holidays and seasonal events ranging from April Fool’s Day to the Winter Solstice.

For January we updated the range of post-purchase lifecycle campaigns, such as:

Not to mention bread-and-butter triggered emails like:


More braniversaries

Some of you may ignore your birthday or forget your wedding anniversary (at your peril!) but we get a kick out of celebrating the brand anniversaries we call “braniversaries”.

Why? Because when we collect a brand’s emails for 3 or 4 or 5 years or more we make it easy to detect how your peers and competitors tinker over time with the way they plan and execute their promotional campaigns and cadences, email templates and even subject lines.

Plus you can check whether they mailed as heavily in January of this year as they did in January of last year.


What to expect in February

To complement our industry insights into Footwear brands we’re racking up new purchases in this high-traffic market.

As subscription-based brands continue to grow, we’re updating our Lifecycle purchases and lists for clothing and men’s grooming brands.

Additional Cart abandoner journeys because, as we’ve said before (and we’ll say again), thoughtful cart abandoner emails can help you claw back up to 11% of otherwise lost sales. 

And finally, as usual, more new emails added to our wide-ranging curated lists.