Email marketing is a moving target — constantly evolving. So MailCharts never stops refreshing its huge data archive (6 million emails strong!) to keep you abreast of trends and developments.

July’s no different. Our data team has been hard at work and we’re stoked to review the latest campaigns we’ve added to our platform.


Subscription commerce marches on

Subscription commerce is an amazing source of inspiration for triggered and targeted messages. Subscriptions can run the gamut from a streaming service like Netflix to a box business like BarkBox.

Throughout the summer we’ve been trialing, buying and churning from well-known subscription companies. Digging into these Email Journeys reveals how brands activate, retain and win back customers.

New active subscriptions include:

But with all the purchases we’ve made this summer, we’re getting to the real meat — churned subscriptions. Below you can see how these brands handle cancellations and attempt to win back lost customers:

Whether you’re planning a specific triggered initiative or thinking about your retention strategies, our goal is to give you an all-encompassing look at the subscriber lifecycle.


We went on 1,100+ journeys, too

Outside of subscription commerce, we’ve also added plenty of new email journeys and refreshed others — among them 500 cart abandoner journeys that include:


Refurbished curated emails: the beat goes on

Our database of millions of emails gives us deep insight into brands, industries and market trends.

But what if you just want to find the Greatest Hits? We’ve got you covered there, too.

Our 50+ curated lists point you straight to inspiring emails for standard drip, holiday and one-off campaigns from Back in Stock to Back to School and everything in between. For July we updated such lists as:


We even took time to fall in love (with emails, that is)

When we’re busy organizing and curating emails it’s natural to fall in love with alluring examples.  In July we were smitten by these inventive campaigns:

And we took a shining to: 


What to expect in August

Scorching Heat? Oppressive humidity? The doggiest dog days of summer? Probably. Nonetheless, we’re gearing up to collect refer-a-friend and gift recipient journeys, more subscriber churn and win-back campaigns, the latest cart abandoner emails — the whole nine yards.

Check in next month for a full recap.

Image by Wynn Pointaux from Pixabay