For last month’s May recap we reported our growing efforts to scale up subscription commerce email journeys to give you bigger and better insights into the subscriber lifecycle.

These journeys help your teams improve activation and retention outreach to keep subscribers in the fold — or win them back when they stray.


Subscription commerce journeys continue

In June we continued strengthening subscription commerce journeys and have entered purchaser trial or active periods for:

BTW: Looking for unique, curated user journeys to assist your company’s activation or retention strategies? Let us know!

On the flip side we’ve canceled active subscriptions to produce revealing Churn purchaser journeys for:


Plus thousands more new journeys

For June we went on more than 100 journeys that collected purchaser email series from dozens of companies. Along the way we added nearly 1,000 new journeys (plus about 400 cart and subscription abandoner journeys) for wide-ranging e-commerce and retail brands, among them:

And we’ve updated purchaser and repeat purchaser journeys for such leading companies as:


Updates to our curated email campaign lists

When you seek creative inspiration on the fly, our curated, constantly refreshed email lists (50+ strong) let you review your fellow marketers’ efforts on everything from account confirmations to holidays to win-back campaigns.

Our recently updated lists include:

Like to dig deep, deeper, deepest? Our needle-in-a-haystack-finding advanced search options let you probe our entire multi-million email database.


Coming in July: Even more subscription journeys

We’ve set our sights on subscription journeys for food boxes (Blue Apron, Home Chef) and clothing (Rent the Runway, Le Tote) as well as more cart abandoner journeys from major e-commerce brands.

Stay tuned!

Image by IO-Images from Pixabay