At MailCharts we’re all about proactively adding and refreshing email journeys and curating lists of awesome emails for the brands in our database. That way you’re sure to have the latest data at your fingertips.

What’s an email journey? It’s an email series triggered by a subscriber
or purchaser action, such as placing an order, abandoning a cart, or
signing up for a newsletter. Each series seeks to capture what brands
do to nurture customers during that critical first-30-day window.

Month after month we round up these journeys and make them super-easy for our paid subscribers to search and dig into for planning and campaign optimization. (We even let them compare email journeys between competitors.)

More subscription commerce journeys

Last month we began beefing up subscription commerce journeys to offer a window into the subscriber lifecycle — from trial user to paid-up customer to (uh oh!) canceler.

This uniquely curated dataset helps growth and marketing teams focus on the activation and retention outreach that’s critical to keeping subscribers in the fold … and getting them back when they stray.

From “box” businesses to streaming services you’ll find exciting new journeys on companies like these:

Note: is there a subscription-commerce brand you’d like us to track? Let us know!


Plus thousands of new journeys

For May we completed over 4,000 journeys that embraced purchaser email series from dozens of companies. Plus we added nearly 1,000 journeys for wide-ranging e-commerce and retail brands, including:


And the latest curated campaign and holiday emails

When you and your team are pressed for time and eager for inspiration on emails targeting a specific campaign or holiday, we’ve got you covered there, too.

For instance, check out the recently-updated Purchase: Payment declined emails that reflect our growing coverage of subscription commerce.

And we added new emails to these campaign lists to spark your creative thinking:

Refer a friend (44 emails)
Loyalty & Rewards clubs (27 emails)
Gift guides (58 emails)

Not to mention these upcoming holidays:

Labor Day (36 emails)
First Day of Fall (40 emails)

To check out our constantly updated trove of email journeys and lists — and to see thousands more email examples — just sign in. Or become a MailCharts paid user now.

Image by IO-Images from Pixabay

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