Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Jack Frost nipping at your nose.

Meanwhile MailCharts is making spirits bright by (what else?) summarizing for you the blizzard of data we collected, sorted, curated — and even found time to love — last month.


Latest holiday and other curated email lists

As usual, we’ve updated our upcoming holidays lists to keep you ahead of the game — including the ultimate gridiron contest of 2020, Super Bowl LIV:

And because December wraps up your holiday selling season, we’ve refreshed these crucial lists:


Activewear gets a makeover

Our Industry Insights pages showcase the power of groups to inform your marketing.

This month we’ve focused on Activewear, with refreshed and updated journeys on new purchasers, cart abandoners and browse abandoners.

Among the 13 activewear brands for which we created purchaser journeys were:

Note: Use our Advanced Search options to see more than 1,000 purchaser receipt emails.


We completed Activewear abandoned cart journeys from:

Note: Use our Advanced Search options to see over 6,500 cart abandoner emails


We went on Activewear browse abandon journeys with:

Note: Use our Advanced Search options to see nearly 200 browse abandon emails


Activewear emails we loved

To be clear, we don’t love these emails just because Activewear brands sent them.  We love ’em because, well, they’re loveable (plus Tracksmith’s is a little cheeky):


Onboarding journeys for Media and Beauty industries

Once again we’ve been classifying email journeys for every phase of the subscriber lifecycle — from onboarding to cancellation to winback. For November we received onboarding email sequences from these new and established subscription brands:


More braniversaries

When we collect and organize years of a brand’s emails we give our clients a rare chance to see how peers and competitors plan and revise their promotional campaigns, email templates and subject line copy over time.

Note: What’s a “braniversary”, you ask? Our dictionary defines it as Noun bra-nə-ˈvərs-rē  , -ˈvər-sə-\ plural braniversaries 1. A shortened form of the phrase “brand anniversary” marking the annual milestone of any brand whose emails MailCharts has collected for two years or more. 2. The celebration of a braniversary.


What to expect in December

New emails classified. We’ll be working on adding December emails to our existing classifications. For instance, we expect to classify 200 Cart abandoner journeys, about 20 Purchases and at least 200 Browse abandoners.

More cart abandoners. Since nearly 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned, and a good cart abandonment email can recover up to 11% of those lost sales, we’re constantly refreshing this email category to give you the latest and greatest A/B test ideas.

New lifecycle journeys. As this month’s onboarding recap makes clear, subscription-based businesses are a growing online category. From onboarding to cancellation to winback, we’ll keep renewing all phases of this email lifecycle.

Updated email lists. Marketers with no time to lose make a beeline for our scores of easy-access curated email lists. They lay out examples from more than 30 target-rich holidays plus campaigns ranging from Account confirmation to Winback. As always, they’ll be on our radar in December, too.

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