While others were out shopping for the perfect Back to the Future Doc Brown Halloween costume or the city’s best pumpkin spiced latte, we headed back down into the data mines last month to unearth, organize, process and curate the latest emails for your marketing needs.


Emails our team loved

For our October recap of favorite emails we thought we’d focus on messaging that takes advantage of our swing into autumn.

As email connoisseurs we were impressed that products as diverse as air freshener (AirWick), bedding (GhostBed) and nondairy milk substitutes (Silk) adopted fall themes that evoke the fashions, fragrances and — thanks to Halloween — frights of the season:


More holiday examples

For starters, we dutifully updated a trove of holiday-driven curated lists to inspire your revenue-critical year-end blasts:

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t remind you of our top three curated holiday email lists. After all, these humongous events are just around the corner:

Plus, for those of you out to update your privacy policy and terms of use (without, we hope, bewildering customers with mind-numbing legal mumbo jumbo) or announce and generate registrations for your upcoming webinar, we also renewed our:


Fresh Beauty business insights

In collecting years of data on 30,000 plus companies we’ve uncovered trends shaping dozens of consumer industries.

Take the Beauty business. This month we’ve curated a group of over 60 Beauty brands, taking a snapshot of their sending behavior and promotional preferences and laying out our data-rich findings in Beauty Marketing Trends.

Along the way we’ve been updating a range of Beauty industry email journeys. (These journeys, you’ll recall, set forth the nurture strategies brands use to welcome and convert new users during their first 30 days.) For instance, we classified Browse abandoner emails from:

Plus Cart abandoner emails from:

Then we used our versatile Advanced Search options to pinpoint October Beauty industry subject lines sporting a colorful array of subject-line emojis:


A thousand more journeys for new and refreshed brands

As usual, we added some 1,000 new or refreshed journeys in October for both first-time and veteran MailCharts brands, among them:

And we went on purchaser journeys at big box stores like:


Plus updates to the subscriber lifecycle

Yep: we’re continuing the important work of classifying emails to mark the many stages of the subscriber lifecycle—from onboarding to cancellation to winback.

Tap into our Advanced Search options to see newly triggered emails of:


And the latest brand anniversaries (or braniversaries)

For the last six years we’ve been busy signing up for, organizing, archiving and processing emails and email journeys for hundreds and hundreds of brands. Do that long enough and you help clients uncover sly insights into how companies’ change up their promotional campaigns, email templates and subject line copy over time.

Check out our 5-year braniversary for:

And our 3-year braniversary for:


What to expect in November

Activewear brands.  We just created a vivid snapshot of Activewear Marketing Trends, and we’ll complement our take on this exploding apparel category with a host of Activewear cart abandoner, browse abandoner and purchaser journeys.

New lifecycle journeys. In previous monthly recaps we’ve made clear we’re hard at work classifying emails to allow you to explore the many distinct phases of the subscriber lifecycle—from onboarding to cancellation to winback. For November we’re continuing our coverage of these vital subscription email categories.

Updated email lists. Even though our Advanced Email Search allows you to find campaign examples easily and quickly, we know that marketers in a hurry appreciate our dozens of easy-access curated email lists on campaigns ranging from Welcome to Winback. We’ll be refreshing plenty more of these in November, too.