If you’re an email marketer, you likely wear multiple hats. One of those hats includes researching and analyzing data to improve your programs. Unfortunately, it always seems to fall low on the priority list.

A large part of doing research and analyzing data is collecting and preparing that data. This is true even for data scientists. A recent survey by CrowdFlower discovered that data scientists spend ~80% of their time cleaning and preparing the data.

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Assuming you do wear multiple hats, 80% of your time can’t be spent doing that work. That’s where MailCharts comes in. With our app, ecommerce brands have data ready to be analyzed, without the need to clean and organize the data themselves.

A few of the features that save our users time include:

  • Advanced email search (our Google for emails)
  • Brand search
  • Comparison tool
  • Various email views
  • Export emails
  • Email reports
  • Email journeys
  • Industries and groups


Advanced email search

This tool has been my best friend when researching specific strategies like onboarding emails or welcome emails. It’s a great place to start when you don’t want to search within a specific industry or brand.

Users can search specific keywords, view emails that use GIFs or emojis, and even segment by holiday and ESP being used (plus much more). Here are the various filters users can add when using the advanced search:Advanced search options 300x180

This is also great for ideating A/B test ideas such as using an emoji in the subject line versus. not using an emoji, subject line length, and more.


Brand search

We pride ourselves at MailCharts on putting the best examples from the top ecommerce companies at your fingertips with our brand search. In the search function of the brand page, users can search by brand website, HQ country, campaign activity, industry, and more:Brand search 300x197

Why not save your future self some time, too? Users can add brands to curated lists or groups so they can keep tabs on brand examples in the future without having to search the same brands each time.


Compare tool

Interested to see how your brand is performing against others? Using our compare tool, you can compare multiple brands in your curated lists or groups to see how your brand’s send time, frequency, promotions, and subject lines perform against others.

This is helpful when determining how many emails you should be sending weekly and how your brand stacks up against the rest:Compare reports 300x249


Email Views

MailCharts allows users to view emails in many ways, including single-view emails:

Loft single email 268x300
Example of a LOFT single-view email


Multiple emails with graphics view:

Loft multiple email view 300x278
Example of LOFT multiple email with graphics view


Emails as displayed in the inbox:

Yoga industries inbox view 300x244
Example of inbox view for Yoga companies


And emails in a calendar view:

Yoga industries calendar view 300x288
Example of calendar view for Yoga company sends in May

Having a variety of ways to view emails gives users options and flexibility depending on their needs.


Export Emails

Want to move data outside of MailCharts? No problem! Analyze emails outside of MailCharts with downloadable .csv reports, an image file of the email, and even HTML to inspire your next email template.


Email Reports

Email Reports lets users see at a high level how a brand or a group of brands are performing. These reports provide the same data as the comparison tool previously mentioned. The data points include sending behavior, subject line analysis, emoji and GIF usage, mobile optimization rate, promotions offered, and overall email score (an aggregate of those metrics).

Email reports 300x297
An example of the Content analysis portion of an email report reflecting Yoga companies


Email Journeys

Email journeys are, understandably, one of the more difficult things to track as it requires you to fall into a specific audience and tie together related emails. MailCharts does this heavy lifting for you. Using the email journeys within a company or industry, you can quickly see various journeys such as onboarding, purchase, and email subscribers.

Email journeys 274x300
Outdoor Voices recent cart abandoner journey consisting of 4 related cart abandoner emails


With MailCharts, users spend more time ideating A/B test ideas, improving campaigns, and iterating on templates. Take time-intensive data preparation off your to-do list – sign up today.

Editorial photo by Twitter: @jankolario on Unsplash