Join us for our weekly workshops to learn more about how you can leverage the MailCharts app using popular ecommerce industry groups such as beauty, apparel, subscription, and more. If you weren’t able to attend our latest Beauty & Personal Care workshop where we show you how to use MailChart’s filters to find email examples, watch on demand or read our recap below! 

What is Advanced Search (a.k.a Filters)?

Advanced search (a.k.a filters) is an easy way for any ecommerce email marketer to find great email examples within a brand or group in MailCharts. These filters allow you to search date ranges, historical emails, emails containing GIFs, plus more. These filters can be combined to narrow your example set, too! 

While filters are primarily used by Pro subscribers to search examples within groups, all MailCharts users can use filters within curated lists and unlocked brands of the week.

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Filtering tips: Beauty and Personal Care

Search by promotional type

For key holiday periods, many beauty brands offer some type of promotion. For example, if your brand typically offers a 25% discount or BOGO deal, you can filter by these types of deals and even the percentage off range to see how your competitors are messaging similar promotions. The primary promotions tracked in filters include: BOGO, free shipping, percent-off, and dollars-off promotions. 

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Search trending keywords or campaign themes

The advanced search filters allow you to search within the subject line, all content, or preheader text. To search for phrases within an email, surround your keyword search with quotation marks, “”, to find exact phrase matches. For example, in beauty and personal care, you can search in the subject line: “rewards program” or other key phrase to find example emails pertaining to a specific campaign topic.

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Filter or GIFs or emails with emojis in the subject line

If you’re in a creative rut, you can also search specifically for emails containing animated GIFs and subject lines containing emojis to spice up your calendar sends. For subject line inspiration, toggle on the inbox view instead of the thumbnail view to see all the results quickly in one place.  

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