Today we got together with dozens of our fellow professionals to discuss the volatile state of email marketing and to share the results of our 5-question Hey, Email Marketers. How’s it going? poll.

Thank you! to such a great community

A little positivity: we’re thrilled to be part of the wonderful email marketing community and look forward to continuing to share everything we can together to help each maintain momentum.

  • Our friends at ReallyGoodEmails for helping us spread the word and gather valuable input.
  • Only Influencers the world’s most trusted group of email marketers went above and beyond to make sure their community could offer their input.
  • Women of Email helped review and participate in every part of this initial poll and webinar
  • We were able to cross-reference what we’re seeing by reviewing the helpful data shared by the team at SparkPost
  • #emailgeeks is a top-notch community of email marketers on Slack and an area to keep connecting together

So… How is it going?

Watch our video recording of the full How’s it going? webinar.


Review our webinar slides

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Poll results

We asked a handful of questions to get a sense of the very basics of what’s happening in our industry. Below are the responses we received from 140+ email marketers—we’ll be analyzing the results and offering some of our own thoughts into next week.

And we’ll also hope to continue gaining stream together with further opportunities to ask for anonymous input from our entire community.

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Poll question 2 300x126

Poll question 3 300x126

Poll question 4 300x126

Poll question 5 300x126


We also asked poll attendees a bit more about the current email activities—here’s what they had to say.

Have you changed your sales or conversion goals via email

What types of campaigns are you most focused on right now


Has segmentation become a larger focus for your email program


Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay