Today we were treated to a handful of great insights by Jessica Best of Barkley and Bill Cobb of Planet Fitness as they talked about email marketing during the pandemic.

More than discussing the current landscape, Jess and Bill put forward specific strategies for brands that have had to alter their product offerings due to the closing of in-person businesses everywhere.

How do you sell your stuff when you can’t get customers in the door? How do you listen to your customers rather than just promoting at them?

Check out the video recording, slides and poll results below to learn more.

Thanks again to our community!

Once again we gained valuable input with help from our friends in the email world:

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    • Women of Email, who put us in touch with Chelsea McClure for all her awesome input!

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Email marketing in a pandemic

Watch our video recording of the full Email marketing in a pandemic session.

Check out the deck

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Poll results

Once again, to help us all move forward we checked-in with the email community (if you haven’t yet, add your two cents here) and got real answers to a few burning questions. Below you’ll find the responses we received from over 50 email marketers. Alas, our response rate today was much lower than it was two weeks ago—are we getting run down? Tired of talking?

Here are the results:

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