Get Smart. Get out and stretch your imagination. Ditch the take-out. Is it us, or are this week’s #EmailsWeLove a little bossier than usual?


Bluetooth toothbrushes? (Bluetoothbrushes?) Yep: mouth care brand @getquip has figured out how its Smart Electric Toothbrushes can help your oral health *and* earn you discount rewards. Your teeth (and wallet) will thank you. Fun #gifs, too.

quip - Want rewards for brushing your teeth? Get Smart 💰


If you market clothing, take a page from women’s outdoor apparel brand @Athleta and help subscribers see how to complement your featured SKUs by showing off “wear with” items that complete their look. Nice.

Athleta - Now Presenting: You'll Adore These Trail-Ready Styles


Personalizing your email doesn’t have to mean sticking [name] into the subject line and body copy. Global hostelry @Airbnb opted to personalize this email geographically — enticing our NYC recipient “to uncover hidden gems near you.” Smart.

Airbnb - Close to New York City, far from ordinary.

United By Blue

With the goal of removing 1 lb of trash from oceans & waterways for every product purchased, @unitedbyblue walks the walk by marketing an eco-friendly denim brand that skips harmful bleaching and recycles 98% of the water they use. Nice.

United By Blue - Introducing the Denim of our Dreams

Home Chef

The #emailmarketing gurus at meal delivery service @realhomechef had an inspired idea: win back straying customers by suggesting they “ditch the take-out” we’ve all been leaning on and come back to Home Chef with a $30 credit. Brilliant!

Home Chef - DROP THE TAKE-OUT MENU! 📖 Convenient cooking is here!