Did you know MailCharts users can harness our Advanced Search options to zero in on emails containing animated GIFs? Around here we love this kind of kineticism so much we’re distracting you with it at the top of this blog page right now.

Of course, it’s also featured in one of this week’s #EmailsWeLove. Take a look!

Hedley & Bennett

It’s Time to Dust Off That Grill

It’s Time to Dust Off That Grill. Heading into the #MemorialDay weekend, that expressive subject line from posh apron maker @HedleyBennett convinced us to make this one of our #EmailsWeLove. Now: where did we put those briquets?

APRONS CHEF GEAR COLLABS INDUSTRY Button Text Custom Custom Custom Hedley &


Did someone say coconuts?

We figure #nontoxic detergent and soap maker @CleancultTeam has noticed that washing our hands all the time tends to dry ’em out. So we’re glad they figured out how to “saponify” coconut oil into a moisturizing soap.

cleancult CRAZY FOR COCONUTS | Mix the science with the coconuts, and you'v


A Rogue secret sale

Limited edition pop culture gear t-shirt emporium @ShirtPunch got our attention with this email’s countdown clock and 80s-era-video-game #SuperMario #GIF. We also dug the For your eyes only 👁👁 preheader.

For your eyes only. 👁👁 View this email in your browser THIS DEAL IS GONE


Exclusive 40% Off Masks & Accessories! Introducing Designer Face Masks

We’d been wondering when face masks would become a fashion statement — complete with accessories like extender straps plus versions for her and for him. All-things-wedding site and magazine @ConfettiWedding has laid our question to rest.

Go Out In The World & Feel Secure - If you can not see this email click her