To capitalize or not to capitalize? Reviewing this week’s #EmailsWeLove we noticed a split decision on whether to capitalize the entire subject line. And is it problematic to throw punctuation into the mix, the way Levi’s did? We smell an A/B test!


Is there a jeans brand that’s been around longer than @LEVIS? Turns out you *can* teach an old brand new tricks: witness Levi’s “most sustainable jeans ever” made from … old denim. Cool.

Levi's - Negative waste. Positive impact.

Drunk Elephant

We’ve seen our share of #emailmarketing deploying #GIFs, but the GIF in this email from @mydrunkelephant was practically *begging* to be used — amirite?

Drunk Elephant - A tall glass of Milki

HelloFresh USA

This richly illustrated win-back campaign from @HelloFresh pulls out all the stops, offering 6 free meals, bite-sized bullet points plus stunning stats on why its meals are cheaper than anything from a grocery store or restaurant. Impressive!

HelloFresh USA - It all adds up to HelloFresh


Everybody must use #Slack these days, because @Everlane‘s written an entire email as a Slack convo between engineering nerd Nawaz and fashionista Jenny, who offers him advice about Everlane’s Oxford shirts, chinos & the like. Clever conceit!

Everlane - What To Do With Those Oxfords


The election’s a scant 6 weeks off, so today we’re using #EmailsWeLove to echo cycling fashion brand @pactimo and remind everyone to get out the *vote*! (Also timely is the email’s article on the risk of riding when wildfire smoke is in the air.)

Pactimo - Get Out the Vote Jerseys