Owing to Labor Day, this week’s recap of #EmailsWeLove is a little shorter than usual. Meanwhile, there’s not much doubt “We’ve all been dreaming of our next vacation.”

High Sierra

BOGO offers come in dead *last* (behind % off, $ off and free shipping) in our promotion stats — so we’re pleased to see @HighSierraEU commit to a clean, spare, no-nonsense #BackToSchool “BOGO Backpacks For All” email campaign. Good on you!

High Sierra - BOGO Backpacks For All

James Allen Rings

We’ve seen emails where Instagram influencers model products, but this one from @JamesAllenRings is the first we’ve spotted touting wedding rings it calls “Instagram’s most loved” — complete with counts for Red heart “likes”. Subtle #GIFs, too.

James Allen Rings - Trending On Instagram RN

Nasty Gal

Labor Day sales? In the last week alone we’ve captured over 5,500 emails touting them. @NastyGal‘s earned #EmailsWeLove honors because the women’s style brand kept their flashy #GIF message short and sweet. We dug its cazh subject line too.

Nasty Gal - Oh Hi, Labor Day


Luggage brand @away states the obvious by announcing “We’ve all been dreaming of our next vacation.” But its ingenious new Pet Carrier with sherpa bedding, built-in seat-belt latches and more makes it easy to bring along your dog or cat.

Away - The Pet Carrier is here 🐶🐱