Wasn’t able to attend the recent cadence building workshop on the DTC industry? We’ve got you covered. We’ll be uploading all workshops to YouTube afterwards so that you can tune-in any time! Check out the recap below to see how your brand can optimize or build your onboarding journey.

How MailCharts reports can help you

MailCharts has two reports to help you plan your calendar cadence: Sending behavior and the benchmarks report. In the sending behavior report, you’re able to: 

  • Filter by date range to see industry averages of emails sent per week, which is especially helpful during key holiday periods 
  • Compare specific competitors against each other to see which competitors are sending the most out of your competitors.
  • Use most popular send days and send time data to guide A/B tests, giving you an opportunity to zig while others zag

The benchmarks report allows you to quickly see sending behavior insights by brand compared to a given industry. This is helpful for weekly reporting and fast insights. 

Direct-to-consumer insights

What’s the most popular send day?

For the direct to consumer group, the most popular send days were: Sunday and Thursday. If we’re a direct to consumer brand, this gives us an opportunity to test alternative send days to avoid crowding the inbox with competitors.

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What’s the most popular send time? 

Looking across the direct to consumer industry, the most popular send times were: 9am, 11am, and 12pm eastern time. 

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How many emails should I be sending?

Using the sending behavior report, we can quickly see that the average number of emails sent per week was 4 emails for the DTC group. Dive deeper with sending behavior and compare up to 5 specific brands. For example, if you’re MeUndies and you want to compare your sending behavior to SKIMS and Adore Me, you can filter and see more. 

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