We can do it! reads the headline of an iconic wartime production poster. This week our we’re-in-this-together #EmailsWeLove are in a similar spirit.

For Days

Doing Better

We’ve been waiting for someone to create an inspiring tie-in to the battle our healthcare workers are waging on our behalf — and impressed with how eco-friendly brand @for___days is tackling the problem head on.

For Days - Doing Better


Boredom, who?

Who doesn’t love streaming a good movie while mellowing out with a glass of wine? Virtual wine cellar @WINC teamed up with @sundance_now to pair an exclusive free-trial of the streaming service with a 40% off wine promotion. Genius!

Winc - Boredom, who?


From our laptops

We fell for the way skincare brand @glossier understands we’re not just homebound these days — we’re also glued to our phones or laptops. So instead of promoting their beauty products they decided to promote their (what else?) beauty videos!

Glossier - From our laptops

SAXX Underwear

30% off for front-line workers

We can all get behind @saxxunderwear‘s 30% off discount for healthcare, grocery store and other workers on the front line — including their invitation to the rest of us to save on a “care package” for folks on these vitally important teams.

SAXX Underwear - 30% off for front-line workers


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