Nurture emails typically fall within a series of emails sent to welcome new subscribers, re-engage old customers, or simply educate the shopper on the products offered as one-off emails. In short, nurture emails can be a part of a welcome sequence or drips or stand on their own. 

You likely already have a nurture email somewhere in your subscriber’s journey. It’s essential that even if it’s an automated email, the content remains relevant, up to date, and reflective of your brand. This is especially important if your nurtures fall in a welcome sequence because these typically are when subscribers are the most engaged and opening emails. 

If your company’s nurture emails need a little TLC, we’ve collected a few of our favorites to inspire you:



Hayneedle email 74x300

Why we love it: This welcome email doubles as a nurture email as it provides information on different benefits of shopping with Hayneedle, including curated items picked just for you, free shipping, and customer service information. When nurturing customers, it’s important to be clear about what you offer and any added value you provide vs. your competition. 

Where it falls in the journey: This email is sent 16 minutes after the initial newsletter signup.



Brooks Running

Brooks Running email 62x300

Why we love it: A pair of running shoes isn’t all that exciting. Brooks makes its online shoe buying process more personal by marketing its online shoe finder. The finder helps pair you with the perfect shoe based on your stride, style, etc. By educating potential customers on its Shoe Finder feature, Brooks adds value to the buying experience. 

Where it falls in the journey: This is the second email in the welcome sequence, sent 4 days after newsletter signup. 




Quip 2019 07 25 1523 thursday Welcome to quip  outside rule 37x300

Why we love it: Toothbrush company Quip uses this sleek email to educate new subscribers on what they’re all about: simple, subscription-based toothbrushes that are designed with dentists for healthier smiles. By keeping its message short and simple, the brand can educate potential customers on its product quickly instead of bombarding them with a bunch of text and over-complicated pricing structures. 

Where it falls in the journey: This is the initial email sent to newsletter signup.





TOMS 2020 01 23 0020 thursday We ve got a story to tell 43x300

Why we love it: TOMS uses its nurture emails to educate shoppers on the impact of TOMS and the story of how the business started. It’s not sales-heavy, which is refreshing for a retailer and really speaks to who it is as a brand. 

Where it falls in the journey: This is the second email in the email subscriber journey which falls on the third day after signup. 




ProFlowers email 100x300

Why we love it: In one email, Proflowers explains what sets it apart from other floral delivery services so future buyers can better understand who it is as a brand and its standards for quality. It even hits on the satisfaction guarantee, which provides additional peace of mind, especially if a customer is sending it as a gift to a loved one!

Where it falls in the journey: This email is sent back-to-back with a special coupon offer email within 15 minutes of signing up for their newsletter. 

Looking for more examples while overhauling your nurture emails? Sign up for a free MailCharts account to access our advanced email search feature. This feature allows you to search for welcome or onboarding classified emails, which tend to be nurture-related emails. You can also check out our onboarding email and welcome campaign curated emails.