Last Friday was MailCharts’ birthday! ???

Our beginning started at the Recurse Center, where Carl and I met. We worked on a number of programming assignments together—but our shared background in marketing tech led us to sit on a question Carl posed to me one day:

Wouldn’t it be great if we created the best email marketing competitive database in the world? Like Moz, but for email marketers.

Shortly thereafter we started building MailCharts—here you can see our first commit to the initial mailcharts codebase.

Image%202016 08 06%20at%206.26.36%20PM

We have grown in several phases since that “initial commit”, but here’s some fun data:

  • We have over a million emails from the best online retailers
  • 500 customers have joined MailCharts to enhance their email marketing with our unparalleled database of competitive intelligence
  • We’ve captured emails from companies in the IR1000, Fortune 500, Inc. 500 and more—find emails from more than 5,000 brands immediately
  • We purchase and abandoned from hundreds of the top online retails to uncover their segmentation and A/B testing strategies

We’re so happy that you all are helping us along our vision to make email marketing better via competitive intelligence.

Thank you. And Happy Birthday, MailCharts!

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