I wanted to check-in. How are you doing? No, seriously—how are you really doing?

You’ve probably got a lot on your mind right now and business-as-usual seems impossible. Let’s talk about it!

Click here to anonymously answer a few questions.

We’ll share the results in a few days in a Zoom session for those who’d like to discuss it.

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the economy, in the world, and our communities. In many ways it’s hard to do our jobs—honestly, this post was originally going to be about purchase journeys—so we want to try to address some simple questions via a poll, and then hang out together in a few days to discuss the results.

Yesterday, I saw this Tweet:

It got me thinking: how are we going to handle email marketing during a pandemic? MailCharts certainly doesn’t have any right answers—yet, sharing can be helpful: we want to bring the email community together in hopes of providing support and guidance through each others’ input. Answer below.

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