MailCharts is like the Google of email examples for eCommerce companies.

Using our advanced search features, industry pages, and email groups, you’re able to quickly review over 5 years of data we’ve collected from the top brands. Our featured industries include accessories, apparel, arts & entertainment, food & drink, footwear, sports & activities, home, beauty & personal care, travel & tourism, gifts, health & fitness, pet care & supplies, and baby.

In this article, you’ll learn how you can do competitive research in MailCharts and how to continue monitoring your competition without needing to subscribe to 10 email lists yourself.


Search recent examples

For this article, we’ll use the Home industry page to walk through using MailCharts for competitive research. First, log into your MailCharts app and navigate to the home industry page:

MailCharts Industries page screencap 300x194

After clicking on the Home industry group, you’ll be brought to an industry overview page. This is a great intro to the most recent data and includes recent emails in the category, journeys, and stats at a glance.

MailCharts sample homepage screencap 297x300

The email section is where a lot of the magic and customization happens. Emails are filtered by most recent and include the top brands from the industry.

The advanced search option is where you can customize your search based on your specific needs. A few features include:MailCharts search options screencap 300x166

  • Keyword search for keywords in: all content, preheader text, or subject line
  • Send date range of the emails
  • Holiday-specific emails (Want to see what brands sent this past Mother’s Day? What about Black Friday last year?)
  • Featured promotion in the email
  • Email classification (is it part of an onboarding journey, browse abandon, etc.?)
  • Is the email mobile-optimized?
  • Are there GIFs/animations?
  • Are emojis used?


View specific email journeys

If you’re working on a specific journey for your brand, you might need some inspiration. In addition to our curated lists of email examples (non-industry specific), you can navigate through your competition’s email journeys based on your chosen tracked companies.

Each individual company has a Journeys tab which typically includes several journeys such as email subscriber, browse abandoner, cart abandoner, and purchaser. This is also something you can search using the email classification search feature within the advanced search mentioned in the previous section.

MailCharts Journey


Save progress and track companies

To get more granular, you can create and save groups of tracked companies. In the industry page, if you navigate to the Companies section, you’ll see all of the companies that belong to the category. From there, you can select the individual brands you want to track by selecting Add to Groups. These lists will be available to you on your home page when logged into MailCharts app so you can quickly see weekly, monthly, or even quarterly what your competition is up to, their sending behavior, and any changes to their email programs.

Add company to groups

We know you’re busy. With MailCharts, our hope is you can find the inspiration you need to improve your existing emails and journeys. With your ability to view recent emails from your industry, more granularly search for emails, and track companies, you’ll save time and continue to be inspired in your role each day. Check out our different plan options to get started!