Can we interrupt your daily rotini? If you use your noodle you’ll notice that one of the #EmailsWeLove this week poses this saucy question.  But hey: it’s all gouda.


How kid friendly is your place these days? Artisanal gift brand @UncommonGoods delivers a bunch of safe, fun ways to keep you and your kids from going crazy (though we hope the Mead Making Kit is strictly popular with the *over-21* crowd)

UncommonGoods - A kid-friendly handwashing how-to you'll love, too

Rent the Runway

Like a lot of us, @RenttheRunway has slowed its email cadence in response to the pandemic, but we got a kick out of its “Party on top, sweatpants on bottom” pitch to its obviously Zoom fatigued WFH subs.

Rent the Runway - Party on top, sweatpants on bottom


Copywriters who use puns don’t go halfway: it’s in for a penny, in for a pound! Case in point: this groanworthy effort by @mouthfoods to show off its “best pasta-ble taste” lineup of pastas and sauces. How many groaners can *you* spot?

Mouth - In the best pasta-ble taste...