Last month our WFH data team continued to practice social distancing while getting up close and personal with tens of thousands of new ecommerce marketing emails.

Let’s recap a bit of their hard work.


Expanded industry insights

Ever wanted to get your arms around an entire industry’s sending behavior, cadence or long-term promotional habits?

Our curated industry insights make it a snap to uncover email marketing trends in over 50 industries. So you’re ready to put them to work to benefit your brand.

Last month we updated and expanded these industries with new curated brands:


More new brands in our database

We’re constantly monitoring the ecommerce scene to find new brands to supercharge our database. Here are some of the brands we started curating in June:


Brands with new journeys

Dig into our Journeys and put popular triggered email series at your fingertips. Journeys let you analyze typical ecommerce lifecycle campaigns, from welcoming/on-boarding new customers to following up when they place an order, abandon a cart or cancel a subscription.

In June we added purchase journeys from Beauty & Personal Care brands. Take a look at the fresh purchase email series sent by these ecommerce businesses:

Then check out new cart abandoner journeys from:

Can’t get enough cart abandoner triggered emails? Here’s the whole kit and caboodle.


Data anniversaries

Track any brand’s campaigns and promotions year over year and you can easily discern its current and upcoming calendar. So you’re ready to glean fresh ideas for planning or revising your brand’s email strategy and schedule.

Brands whose “braniversaries” we celebrated in June include:


What we’re up to in July

Editorial image by Mylene2401 from Pixabay