Need some email inspiration? We are highlighting five new brands for you in the MailCharts Index, four of our latest email journeys and four newly refreshed curated lists of specialty emails (Memorial Day ideas, anybody?)

Also, look for a deep data dive into Allbirds, the eco-friendly footwear brand whose ecommerce email marketing is going into hyperdrive.

What’s new in the MailCharts Index

MailCharts monitors the ecommerce world to find emerging brands that can inspire and inform your email campaign plans.

New Brands

Here are five of the cutting-edge brands we just added to the 2,5000+ brands in the Index:

New Journeys

Ready for your inspection: email journeys that show how to keep customers engaged throughout the lifecycle.

Active subscription

BULLYMAKE wins the prize for “Most Valuable Active Subscription Journey,” hands (or paws) down. Each email in the 13-part series, from welcome to onboarding to cancelation confirmation, drives information and value.


Joie‘s 2-email series is a model of good birthday email practice: It’s personalized, it goes out ahead of the date but not too far, and it includes a follow-up reminder to use the birthday incentive.

Cart abandonment

With restaurants reopening and more people shopping outside the home, meal-kit providers have to work harder for conversions. Green Chef‘s 2-email cart abandonment series delivers, with Email 1 focused on education and Email 2 going all in on value.


Alala‘s 9-email purchase journey covers all the bases, from a detailed receipt right after purchase to shipping and delivery confirmations, product review requests and a 2-email winback series that targets newly engaged purchasers.

Recently Curated Email Examples

Do your emails sound like a robot wrote them? Check these four lists of email examples to find clever combinations of copy and images for important journey and holiday emails.

  • Memorial Day: The Memorial Day holiday has a split personality, between celebrating the unofficial kickoff to summer and honoring those who died in military service. This list has plenty of inspiration for you, no matter which theme you go with.  
  • Order confirmation: A good email confirmation includes all the purchase details to assure shoppers they bought the right thing at the right price and it’s going to the right house. But a great one includes images and other content to build engagement, like images and customer-support contacts.  
  • Refer a friend: Friends help friends build your business, so make it easy to get those referrals! The emails on this list show how to use incentives, focus on value and the benefits of referring and add easy-to-use referral links to encourage sharing and caring.  
  • Back in stock: These emails can drive sales two ways: They can alert previous shoppers that products they browsed are ready for them to buy again, and they alert your other customers about hot products they should check out before they sell out again.

Brand insights: Allbirds

Allbirds, the New Zealand-based shoe and apparel company, is one of the big success stories among DTC companies since its founding in 2014. And now that it’s valued at $1.7 billion and reportedly getting ready to go public via an IPO, the brand will likely get even hotter.

The pandemic, the trend toward sustainable and eco-friendly brands and the company’s move from DTC to a hybrid of ecommerce and 24 stores helped propel the footwear brand‘s products from cult favorites to big business.

Allbirds email activity

Something else that’s hot: Allbirds’ email activity. Many ecommerce brands pulled back on email activity during the pandemic in 2020. Allbirds zigged where they zagged, nearly tripling its average monthly email sends in 2020.



Activity rose from just under 2 monthly mailings in 2019 to more than 5 a month on average in 2020. It hasn’t pulled back in 2021, either. The brand’s activity is up a whopping 255% from Jan. 1 to April 30 year over year.

Allbirds also continues to buck the trend toward higher promotions. In 2020, the brand sent no discounts or incentives to purchase in email, except for a single free-shipping offer sent on Dec. 18, 2020, a week before Christmas.


What’s coming next in the MailCharts Index


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