Discover how emerging health and fitness brands use email to market their products and services. Check out more unlocked journeys, and scroll through share-worthy email examples. Finally, read our report on the Coffee industry group to find out how brands responded in 2020 to the pandemic-driven rise in at-home coffee culture.

What’s new in the MailCharts Index

Every day brings new email brands, new and updated email journeys and emails. Here’s a look at some of the most notable new entries.

New Brands

It can be hard to stay on top of the email world and keep your ecommerce email marketing program humming along. So, Mailcharts does the work for you. We monitor the ecommerce world continually to discover new brands that push the email envelope with content, design, and automations, like the five listed here and their industry groups:

  • Gobe (Arts & Entertainment/Camera accessories)
  • Prive Revaux (Accessories/Eyewear)
  • Beam (Health & Fitness/Nutrition & Weight Loss)
  • Feals (Health & Fitness/Nutrition & Weight Loss)
  • Luna Grill (Food & Drink)

New Journeys

These four journeys cover key points on the customer journey. We just unlocked them so you can see how these brands use email to greet, engage and retain customers.

Active subscription

Meal subscription service Sun Basket sends highly personalized email to keep customers informed about their weekly box shipments and build anticipation for the meal kits. Content includes change-by dates, links to recipe collections and images of each kit in the weekly shipment.

Cart abandonment

A cart-abandonment email journey gives you multiple opportunities to fix problems and bring customers back to finish checking out. GlassesUSA sends a four-email triggered journey over seven days with themes that vary between helpful content (“Your shopping cart is waiting for you. Can we help?”) to urgency (“Your cart expires tonight…”).

Loyalty and rewards

Email can help your loyalty program members feel welcomed and appreciated, especially if you go all out like DSW, which combines incentives, a clear list of program rewards and benefits, and clever animation to distinguish its loyalty emails from its regular promotion streams.

Winback subscription

Churn is a fact of life with subscription services. Hulu sends a coordinated email series that uses several tactics (value, “fear of missing out,” new shows) with a standard call to action (“Come Back Now”) 

Recently Curated Email Examples

These curated email collections feature emails from top brands that use content, data for automations and even animations to create attention-getting messages:

  • Valentine’s Day: If hearts and flowers aren’t your thing, check out the emails bursting with edgy attitude. But if you need a fresh take on tradition, you’ll find plenty of inspiration.
  • Gift cards: They aren’t just for Christmas. These gift card promos can inspire you all year long.    
  • Shipping confirmations: These are some of the most opened-and-clicked-on emails, and they are a crucial step in building trust and customer satisfaction. Our curated collection features a winning combination of elegance and utility.
  • Loyalty and rewards clubs: Getting customers into your loyalty program is just the first step. These emails show you how to keep building that connection so they come back to shop often.

Industry Highlight: Coffee Industry Group



Coffee-shop culture was one of the casualties of COVID-19. So coffee fiends brought the coffee shop home. They bought new equipment, perfected their pour-overs, tried new blends and embraced online buying, subscription services and curbside pick-up. Here’s how the pandemic affected the coffee industry:

  • Coffee sales spike: Ground coffee sales were expected to rise 32%, but capsule coffee (K-cup and similar) sales are growing at a 38% compound annual growth rate. In April 2020, the first full month of lockdowns total coffee sales were $107.6 million. with $89.6 million coming from capsule sales.
  • Home coffee drinking rises: In the US, the at-home coffee market was expected to grow 4.9% in 2020 – a major leap considering consumption increased by 3.9% for the previous four years. The pandemic disrupted behavior, driving consumers to stockpile supplies and  experiment with new equipment, brewing styles and coffee flavors.

MailCharts Coffee Industry Insights

MailCharts’ Coffee industry group tracks data generated by 13 premium coffee brands, including bean purveyors like Starbucks and Peet’s, equipment suppliers (Illy, Seattle Coffee Gear) and subscription services (MistoBox). Here’s what we found when comparing 2020 and 2019 on key data points.

Modest growth in sending activity: Coffee-drinkers drank more and bought more products online, but brands increased only 2.52% in weekly email activity over 2019.


Promotion rates rebound for modest gain: Brands slammed the brakes on promotion rates in early March as pandemic lockdowns took effect but recovered quickly. The average weekly promotion rate for 2020 was 63%, up  4.0% for 2019.

Image4 1024x649

“Delivered” stands out: In March 2020, “Delivered” was the second-most-significant term in email content among brands in the MailCharts Coffee Industry Group as brands raced to promote their ecommerce business to homebound consumers.

Image7 1024x822

Have you tried this?

Use search engine filters to narrow your hunt quickly. With just a few clicks, you can create a highly focused search that delivers the most relevant results. You’ll spend more time researching and less time searching. 

Here’s how we structured our search to find brands that used a “home” theme to promote home coffee drinking after lockdown orders closed coffee shops.

Image6 1024x616

We clicked first on “Advanced Options” and chose our search start and end dates using the calendar function. Then we specified “home” in the email subject line with the expectation that this field would set the tone for the message content. 

We chose the “Thumbnails” option at top left to see the email images, but if we just wanted to scan the subject lines to see what they would look like in the inbox, we would have selected the inbox option. The result: We reduced our search results from 2,400 to a workable 48.

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