Fresh data and new emails are springing up all around! 

We’re introducing you to 4 of the new brands we just added to the Mailcharts Index, like Healthy Crunch and MadeGood Foods. We’re also highlighting 4 of our special-interest email lists, including new collection introductions and welcome emails. 

Not enough data for you? No problem! Subscription and streaming services are hot-hot-hot now. What impact does that have on email volume and promotion rates for the 18 top brands in our Subscription | Streaming Industry Group? Keep reading!

What’s new in the MailCharts Index

Every day brings new email brands, new and updated email journeys and emails. Here’s a look at some of the most notable new entries.

New Brands

MailCharts monitors the ecommerce world continually to find and track new brands doing noteworthy things in email. Here are four worth your attention:

New Journeys

These four journeys cover key points on the customer journey. We just unlocked them so you can see how these brands use email to bring back abandoners, greet new subscribers and retain customers.

Booking abandonment

Carnival Cruise Line‘s booking abandonment email plays on two themes – avoiding “fear of missing out” by showing travelers what they’re missing and reassuring them that they deserve that escape – to draw pandemic-weary travelers back to book their cruises.

Cart abandonment

When should you send an incentive to prod a shopper into buying their cart? SwimOutlet follows an email best practice and delays the incentive until it sends the final email in its 3-email cycle, over 8 days.    


Christopher & Banks promotes its Friendship Rewards program throughout its 3-email/2-day onboarding journey but brings it home in the third email, focusing on benefits and features and adding a referral program.


Chewy uses its 3-email welcome/onboarding journey to promote the benefits of its specialized services. The cycle, sent over 2 days, focuses on features, moving from a general welcome and feature list to emails that focus on specialized services like its pet wellness and autoship programs.

Recently Curated Email Examples

Need a quick shot of inspiration? Check out these four collections of emails to plan your next campaigns or refresh some key email journeys:

  • Leave a review: Review requests are a natural purchase follow-up. They keep your customer engaged, give you valuable feedback and help build credibility with other customers.
  • New collection Customers love seeing what’s new. Giving subscribers first dibs on new stuff can make them feel special and increase your email’s value.
  • Order confirmation: Order confirmations do more than remind your customers what they bought. They reassure them that they did it right and give them a chance to fix mistakes – both essential for creating the best customer experience.
  • Welcome: Customers are most engaged right when they opt in. Greet them right away with a personalized, attractively branded email that gives them several ways to connect.

Industry Highlight: Subscription Streaming Brands



Subscription and streaming services saw a huge increase in viewers and listeners in 2020, as people spent more time at home online and in front of their screens. Brands in MailCharts’ Subscription | Streaming launched new services, like HBO Max. Established services like Hulu and Netflix upped the ante with original content and in-home theatrical releases. Other brands in the Subscription | Streaming group include VUDU, Spotify and ESPN.

The numbers tell the story:

  • Streaming video accounted for 25% of total television viewing minutes, up from 19% from fourth quarter 2019.
  • U.S. consumers added 2 more paid subscriptions on average in 2020, raising the average number of paid subscriptions per household from 3 at the end of 2019 to 5 by October 2020. 
  • Consumers in streaming-capable homes in the U.S. spend 25% of their TV time watching streaming video content.

MailCharts Subscription Streaming Industry Insights

Low-key sending behavior: Although subscribers are watching or listening to more content, the services themselves are not aggressive email senders. Through the first seven months of 2020, streaming brands sent an average 20% fewer emails than in 2019. But in August, volume began to increase, ending the year 8% higher

Another insight: 4-6 p.m. Thursday and Friday are the most popular sending days and times for brands in our industry group. Also, 100% of the brands send emails optimized for mobile. It’s a best practice, but it likely also reflects the need to reach subscribers who view or listen to content on phones or tablets instead of desktop devices, game systems or TVs.

Image1 1

Free trials beat deep discounts: Competition might be heating up as new subscription or streaming services launch, but brands in the Subscription | Streaming industry group are not hiking their promotional rates significantly in response. 

The weeks before Black Friday/Cyber Monday showed brief rate spikes, but in general, streaming brands use free trials or freemium to get customers into the pipeline. As the chart below shows, the promotional rate in 2020 was down 8% for the year and down 20% in the five-month period from August through Dec. 31.

Image2 3

What’s coming next in the MailCharts Index

We are constantly updating our MailCharts Index with fresh data. We’ll be back in early 2021 with more insights based on the top email brands in our MailCharts Index. Look for new content in these and other areas:

  • New triggered journeys: We’re busy triggering and classifying new journey emails every day. We’ll share our best new examples in the next update.
  • Curated holiday email lists for faster campaign planning: Click the Discover Emails button on your MailCharts home page for our regularly updated holiday calendar. Pick your holiday (how about Earth Day, April 22?) and you’ll see a hand-curated list of email examples.


What can we track for you?

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