We’ve been busy finding exciting new brands and share-worthy email journeys like onboarding and browse/cart abandonment. And we’re watching brands in our Travel & Tourism industry group increase frequency and promotion rates to appeal to travel-hungry tourists.

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What’s new in the MailCharts Index

MailCharts monitors the ecommerce world to find emerging brands that can inspire and inform your email campaign plans.

New Brands

Here are five of the cutting-edge brands we just added to the 2,5000+ brands in the Index:

New Journeys

Discover new ways to use incentives and keep customers engaged with on-brand copy and effective storytelling with these four email journeys.

Browse abandonment

You might call it bathroom humor. We call it clever marketing. Poo~Pourri’s 4 abandonment emails begin with cheeky nudges, then add customer reviews, and finish with incentives to bring browsers back.


Dolce Vita packs value in its 2-day, 2-email onboarding journey. Email 1 delivers the opt-in incentive. Email 2 has a big, bold Instagram follow request and invites customers to join the VIP program.  

Cart abandonment

The 3-email abandonment journey that Ten Thousand Villages begins with a nudge, adds free shipping in Email 2 and finishes with a discount plus free shipping in Email 3. Tip: Stack incentives to persuade cart-abandoners to finish checking out.


Cora‘s 6-email onboarding journey leans into storytelling, company values, and product quality and environmental sustainability to remind customers that they aren’t just buying period products.

Recently Curated Email Examples

Do your emails sound like a robot wrote them? Check these four lists of email examples to find clever combinations of copy and images for important journey and holiday emails.

Industry insights: Travel & Tourism


No doubt about it. People miss traveling most of all during the COVID-19 pandemic, whether to relax, do business or see family and friends. Now, with the pandemic easing in many parts of the world and more people getting vaccinated, interest in travel and vacations is taking off like a fully loaded jet. 

Google searches for “fully vaccinated travel” spiked up 750% and “CDC guidelines for travel” were up 650% in March, according to Google Trends. More than 90 countries have reopened to vaccinated U.S. travelers, including France and Greece.

MailCharts Travel & Tourism Industry Data

Brands in the MailCharts Travel & Tourism group are responding to this pent-up demand by sending email promotions more often and sweetening their deals with higher promotion rates.

Since late March, brands have pulled back slightly on email frequency, sending an average 2.05 emails weekly – down 3% from the previous 30-day average of 2.12 emails weekly but up 27% from the 1.61 weekly email average in 2020.

Brands have also pulled back slightly on promotion rates from the previous 30-day average but are up 41.4% from 2020.

Image1 1

 This chart shows how Travel & Tourism brands are working hard to attract travelers, along with the effect of travel shutdowns at the same time in 2020.


What’s coming next in the MailCharts Index

We are constantly updating our MailCharts Index with fresh data. Look for new content in these and other areas:

  • New triggered journeys: We’re triggering and classifying new journey emails every day. Watch for new examples in our next MailCharts Index update.
  • Summer campaigns are heating up! Surprise your customers with a fun Star Wars Day message, sent on May 4  (as in “May the Fourth be with you”). And check our hand-curated Memorial Day list for email examples with themes range from patriotism to kicking off summer.


What can we track for you?

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