Now’s the time when email marketers who haven’t already locked up their holiday campaigns are doubling down on research and planning for the next two to three months. If that sounds like you, you’re in luck – we have lots of fresh data to help you plan your most effective campaigns.

Our email data has turned up a brand-new cache of insights to help you find the gaps in your competitive analyses, inspire you as you prepare or refresh your email journeys and keep tabs on what the top brands in your market niche are sending.

Here’s a quick recap of highlights from the past few weeks in the MailCharts Index, our curated collection of ecommerce brands. We looked at brands in six of our core industry groups — Accessories, Apparel, Footwear, Home, Beauty and Sports/Athletic Gear — to find trends, inspiration and insights you can use to plan your own campaigns and strategy.

Home brands cut back while Footwear soars

This year 2020 is the year we hunkered down at home to avoid the coronavirus pandemic. But the earlier focus on home comforts might have peaked for the time being.

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Two key insights from our monthly data analysis:

  • Brands in the Home industry group are pulling back on email. They sent 3.2% fewer emails per day and the only one of our six core industry groups to register a year-over-year decline. Home brands also were among three industry groups that cut back on promotion rates from their 2019 level. But Home brands cut back on rates the most of the three groups, at 9.2%.
  • In contrast, brands in the Accessories and Footwear industry groups are promoting more aggressively in 2020. Accessories increased its daily number of emails sent per brand by 3.2%, while Footwear brands hiked their YoY promotion rates the highest of all six industry groups in the Index, at 13.2%.

Keep your eyes on Outdoor brands

We’re watching brands in the Outdoor industry group this month. Sales of cold-weather gear, sports equipment and clothing are surging because consumers want to stay active and get out of the house safely as the pandemic moves into winter, according to Business Insider.

Some key data points about this group:

  • Outdoor brands sent an average 3.2 emails per week per brand from July through October, according to updated MailCharts data, 5.3% below the 3.4 weekly emails sent from April through June but 7.9% higher than the 3 weekly emails sent this time in 2019.
  • The promotion rate averages nearly 42% across all Outdoor brands, down 19% from the previous 3-month period and 3.2% lower than the same time in 2019.
  • Percent-off discounts are the most popular kind of incentive, followed by dollars-off. Free shipping and buy-one-get-one offers barely registered from July to October.

Among the 50 brands we track in the Outdoor group, these are the top brands to follow:

Just added! New brands in the MailCharts Index

We’re constantly monitoring the ecommerce scene to round out our database and keep you on top of emerging brands. These are some of the notable brands we started curating over the last 30 days:

Check out new and updated email examples

MailCharts maintains an extensive collection of lists containing regularly refreshed email examples of all kinds of email messages, from triggered journeys to holidays, emails with surveys and even notable examples of emails with animated GIFs.   

With the holidays coming up, these lists will be more relevant than ever if you’re looking for data, insights and design inspiration in these categories. 

Journey emails updated for Cyber Five campaigns

Over the last couple of months we’ve been busy doing what ecommerce shoppers do: subscribe to email, abandon carts, and make  purchases. Each activity triggers a message, or series of messages, called journey emails, which show you how brands work to keep customers engaged throughout their lifecycles with those brands.  

As we head into the busiest ecommerce weeks of the year, we have new triggered journeys that go into heavy rotation in November and December. Look for insights into key decisions like frequency and cadence, promotion rates and timing, and message content, design and style in these journeys – all are relevant for Cyber Five (Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday) and holiday shopping: 

What’s coming up for November? 

We are constantly updating our index with fresh new data. Here’s what we have planned for the next few weeks:

  1. More abandonment journeys: We are triggering cart-abandonment journeys for brands where we either have no journeys yet or where we want to see how brands have updated their messaging on this key journey.
  2. Fresh purchase journeys: We will be launching more than 20 new purchase sequences. These are important because they show you how brands use email to keep customers informed and engaged with messages like purchase and shipping confirmations, customer satisfaction follow-ups, replenishment messages, cross-sell/upsell opportunities and other related messages.
  3. Updated email examples: We’re updating our curated email lists almost every day to keep the messages and data you see there fresh and relevant. Feel free to add our examples to your own lists of tracked brands, industry groups and email lists – one of the many perks of being a MailCharts subscriber!
  4. Tracking early holiday campaigns: All reports indicate shoppers are starting earlier than ever in 2020. So, We’re watching these early-season campaigns so you can find the seasonal emails you need to plan for last-minute campaigns as well as map out your 2021 strategy.

As always, if there’s some data you’d like us to begin collecting – like adding brands or triggering journeys – drop us a note. We love to hear from you!