For centuries the old adage that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb has been comforting the winter weary.

If March’s passing seems short on comfort and long on weariness, it wasn’t enough to stop our Data Team from doing what we do best: collecting and organizing tens of thousands of new emails to meet your marketing needs.


Brands with new journeys

As usual, first up are Journeys. Our journeys consist of triggered email series from brands like yours, sent to respond to a specific consumer action such as placing an order, abandoning a cart, or signing up for a newsletter.

For March we added new journeys from:

We also stepped up with new purchaser journeys from:


These new journeys? They’re classified

Classifying cart and browse abandoner journeys is our way of alerting you to what brands do to coax absent-minded shoppers back to complete their purchases or initiate new ones. So we added cart abandoner journeys from:

And added browse abandoner journeys from:

Check out all browse abandoners


Recently updated email lists

Our other passion? Curating email examples for wide-ranging marketing categories. For March we refreshed:


What to expect in April

For April we’re focusing on new email subscribers and cart abandoners for such well-known brands as Coach, Overstock, Ralph Lauren, H&M and Pottery Barn.