As the weather warms up so does our Data Team’s fervor for, well, email data.

Let’s see what they were up to (and how they refreshed our data archive) during the merry merry month of May.


Expanded industry insights

When you’re looking for email trends in over 50 major industries — from Jewelry and Apparel to Footwear and Furniture — our curated industry insights come to the rescue.

Whether you need to understand an industry’s sending behavior, cadence or long-term promotional habits, these industry insights help you uncover marketing patterns and dynamics you can put to work to benefit your brand.

If you do email marketing in any of the 5 industries below you’ll be glad to know we spent last month rounding out their member brands:


Brands with new journeys

Like to keep track of triggered email series sent by brands like yours? They’re at your fingertips when you dig into Journeys! Our journeys empower you to analyze typical ecommerce lifecycle campaigns like placing an order, abandoning a cart or welcoming/on-boarding new customers.

For May we added fresh newsletter-signup and browse-abandoner journeys from:

We also classified cart-abandoner journeys from:

Can’t get enough of cart-abandoner messaging? Check out all emails we’ve classified as cart abandon.

And beefed up new purchaser journeys from:


Data anniversaries

When we’ve been tracking a brand’s campaigns and promotions for at least 2 years we give you a basic sense of its current and upcoming calendar. So you can mine these brands’ historical data for ideas that can guide your own brand’s email strategy.

With that in mind, you can now dig into more than 5 years of email data for these well-known brands:


What to expect in June

As we did in May, we’ll be adding new brands to our Beauty & Personal Care, Food & Drink and Sports and Activities industry groups.

Because we’re all about journeys, we’ll continue to refresh our cart-abandoner and purchaser journeys.

Editorial photo by Nadiya Ploschenko on Unsplash