The month of October loved Thursdays for emails, setting the tone for the holiday spirit and everything that’s to come. With Thanksgiving and Black Friday just around the corner, retailers and fashion companies got their consumers thinking about holiday gifts early on. The food and beverage industry also gained from the fall holiday hype, taking the opportunity to share recipes and preparations. The sports industry felt confident in their campaigns, experimenting with long subject lines and lots of emails.

Let’s dive in by analyzing each of the above mentioned industries and see how they fared in October.

Fashion and Clothing Companies

As businesses get ready to go full-gear into the holiday season, fashion and clothing companies wanted subscribers to know that they have everything they’re looking for. Clothing companies, on average, sent 31 emails to their subscribers with Thursdays at noon being the most coveted time. Nearly half of emails sent by fashion companies included some form of promotion, contributing to a 3.7 percent increase in sales from previous holiday sales records.

Online Retailers

For the month of October, retailers sent more than 23 emails to their subscribers. With the holiday season right around the corner, almost half of all email subject lines included a form of promotion.  Right on trend with the previous month, the majority of retailers sent their emails between 7 a.m. and noon, most concentrating in the noon hours. The least popular time to send emails was after 10 p.m., with 6 a.m. coming in close.

As a fashion retailer, this means you have plenty of opportunities to test when would your customers want to be engaged. Early morning and late nights are when your emails are less likely to be pushed out by other competitors, as well as the weekends. Depending on your brand, this strategy could be very appealing from both sides of the spectrum: early mornings, late nights contrasting the beginning of a busy workweek and winding down to a weekend of projected online shopping.

E-commerce Companies

While e-commerce companies weren’t as adamant about incentivizing buyers to shop though discounts, they still chose Thursdays as their go-to days to engage customers. Most companies were also split on how often to send their emails. Even though the majority of companies chose to send more than 19 emails, nearly as many chose to send up to three.

This is great news for companies experimenting with what kind of emails to send to their customers throughout the month, 10 to 12 emails being a sweet spot. This is especially beneficial if your campaign is focused on getting new customers whom you want to keep informed on all the latest tidbits and promotions.

Sport-related Companies

October is also a very busy month for sports, since it’s the time of year when basketball, football and baseball are all waging for consumer attention. With sports comes a lot of confidence, as the average email campaign proves. The average company sent more than 22 emails, most of their subject lines containing 48 characters on average. While sport-related companies still preferred around noon to send their emails, early mornings were a popular second option.

Food and Beverage Companies

You can’t have October without the pumpkin spice craze — and food and beverage companies were all over it. Even though the majority of companies only sent up to three emails, 29 companies sent more than 19 emails, including cinnamon, pumpkin and apple recipes. Considering their audience, these companies sent their emails between 10 a.m. and noon.

What does this mean for you?

Thursday proved to be by far the most popular day of the week for companies to send message to their subscribers, not to mention early in the day. The opportunities to experiment with your engagement are endless. Here are some quick tips:

  • Despite the fact that more than 46 percent of holiday shopping will be done online this season, only 33 percent of companies across all sectors had mobile-optimized email campaigns. Having a mobile-optimized email campaign and landing page is crucial for your subscribers this shopping season. Keep your message subject lines short and captivating with CTAs.
  • Shoppers are starting to buy gifts NOW for friends and loved ones. This is a great opportunity for price-alert emails and wish-list updates.
  • Why is everyone sending emails on Thursdays at noon anyway? On your next campaign, see how subscribers engage with emails sent on less cluttered days, such as Tuesday or Friday. Also try testing a time of day when your message will break through the cluttered inboxes, such as between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m.

Keep in mind, mobile email optimization rates remain low compared to mobile-user activity, which presents a great opportunity for you. We’ll leave you with some beautiful, typical, emails sent on Thursdays at noon. Enjoy!

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