The fireworks are a distant memory. The dog days are back.

Whatever the weather, your campaign planning doesn’t stop. With that in mind, let’s take a look at our upcoming holiday strategy pages and curated lists … then drill down to some less conventional holiday marketing (and promotional) opportunities you can take advantage of with our Googlerific advanced search tools.


Holiday strategy pages

When you’re looking for new ideas to boost your upcoming holiday mailings, our holiday strategy pages serve up hand-picked email examples plus content strategy tips:


Curated holiday lists

Want additional real-world examples? Check out our curated email lists. They serve up dozens more email examples that can help you plan campaigns for holidays (plus loads of triggered communications like account confirmation and win-back emails) all year long, including:


Advanced search opportunities

To enlarge your holiday marketing opportunities, turn to our industrial-strength Advanced Search options to put dozens more examples at your fingertips. Find near-instant inspiration for campaigns on:


Plus opportunities on the fly

Not to mention opportunities on the fly, such as seeing how many of your marketing peers are sending promotional emails with the words “Flash sale” in the subject line:

Note: To maximize your Advanced Search results, open a paid account. Paid account holders can perform any combination of keyword, date range, email classification, holiday and other searches on year-after-year of emails in our huge data universe. (BTW: there are nearly 70,000 “Flash sale” emails.)


Optimize your campaigns

For MailCharts paid account holders, there’s much more to our super-searchable database than easy-to-find holiday and seasonal emails.

Your pro account also lets you optimize your campaigns by:

  • Analyzing full Email Journeys documenting triggered ecommerce campaigns for placing an order, abandoning a cart, canceling a subscription and more
  • Comparing your email program against a peer, an industry or set of brands you configure yourself — so you can respond to trends in sending behavior, content analysis, promotions and email score
  • Tapping into 50+ curated industry groups that assemble emails sent by industry peers and help you uncover patterns in send time and day, promotions and more
  • Exporting emails as high-res images or HTML files or download email data for scores of emails in easy-to-manipulate CSV format

Tools like these make it easy to keep your email marketing agile and responsive.

They’re a fast, affordable way to stay abreast of email marketing trends and inspire you to test and deploy more cost-effective campaigns.

Get started for free or, if you’re ready for all MailCharts has to offer, upgrade now.

Editorial photo by Juliet Furst on Unsplash

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