You’ve survived another Q4 holiday marketing marathon. Time to limber up for Q1 2020.

For three of the biggest campaigns in the coming weeks our holiday strategy pages help you streamline your planning and get ahead of the game:

Each of these strategy pages delivers curated email examples, sample email marketing calendars, volume and discounting trends plus no-nonsense copy tips.

Pro tip: Our Valentine’s Day content strategy guidelines reveal how the holiday’s consumer landscape is shifting. To learn more, read what the National Retail Federation has to say about it.


Go beyond Valentine’s Day 💘 and Presidents 🎩 Day

Beyond strategy pages we curate email lists so you can take advantage of other upcoming holiday campaign opportunities, such as:


Use advanced search to find more holiday opportunities

And with our Advanced Search options you’ll find inspiration for even more holiday marketing opportunities.

Because with a MailCharts Pro account you can use our googilious search tools to plumb our vast reserves of email data … and quickly plan most any holiday campaign year round.

Tap email examples for February events as diverse as:


Market to gift card holders

According to Paytronix, about 70% of all gift cards are redeemed within 180 days of purchase. But CBS News recently reported that consumers waste up to $3 billion in unspent gift cards a year.

You routinely seek to recapture sales from cart abandoners … so why not treat folks holding unredeemed gift cards the same way? Late last month footwear and apparel maker Vans wasted no time urging potential customers to “use that gift card”:

Vans 2019 12 26 1509 thursday Got a gift card  539x1024

Meanwhile Canadian luxury designer brand Holt Renfrew reminded shoppers they can redeem their gift cards online:

Holt Renfrew CA  2019 12 26 0535 thursday Boxing Week Designer Sale Event e1578351871251

Bear in mind that one of the big reasons gift cards go unredeemed is that recipients simply lose or forget about them. Maximize redemptions by mailing reminders ASAP.


Scan real-world marketing trends—and act on them

Become a MailCharts paid account holder and your access to our unmatched dataset of 7.25 million emails from over 30,000 brands is just the beginning.

Your pro account also lets you:

  • Analyze full Email Journeys that lay out campaigns triggered by such common consumer actions as placing an order, abandoning a cart or canceling a subscription
  • Compare your email program against a peer, a custom set of brands, or an entire industry — to size up differences in sending behavior, content analysis, promotions and email score
  • Tap curated industry groups that assemble emails sent by industry peers and help you uncover trends in send time and day, promotions and more 
  • Get Weekly Roll-ups in your inbox of emails your tracked companies have just sent — so you’re always current on promotional and creative trends that can spark fresh ideas for your own campaigns
  • Export emails as high-res images or HTML files or download email data for scores of emails in easy-to-manipulate CSV format

Those big Q4 holidays may be over, but your 2020 marketing can work smarter, not harder (and you can ditch that spare Gmail account), with time-saving email inspiration from MailCharts.

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