As we head for warmer weather, there are holidays on the horizon that offer rich email marketing opportunities.

For fast ideas, check out our holiday strategy pages. They deliver curated email examples, sample email marketing calendars, volume and discounting trends plus thoughtful copy tips for these upcoming dates:


Marketing after Cinco de Mayo 🌮 and Mother’s Day 👩

Supplementing our holiday strategy pages are our curated email lists, which serve up dozens more email examples that can help you plan campaigns for major holidays plus lesser stars, among them:


Advanced Search finds uncovers a range of holiday marketing opportunities

There are scores of holidays and seasonal events dotting the calendar. With our Advanced Search options, you can spot many of them in seconds. For starters, use this handy HOLIDAY drop-down menu:

Advanced Search Holiday screengrab 300x180

Or, if you’re looking for a less mainstream holiday, simply type in the relevant keywords and decide whether you’d like to search in the subject line only, the preheader only, or in all content.

Best Friends Day, for instance, falls on Sunday, June 7:

Best Friends Day Advanced Search 1 with red circle 300x152

A quick search pulls up well over 150 email examples:

Best Friends Day Advanced Search 2 with red circle 300x258

With Advanced Search you can locate email examples for unique holidays like these:

Not to mention opportunities that arise on the fly, such as seeing how your peers and competitors are marketing emails this month that use the keyword “stimulus” in the subject line:

Note: To maximize your Advanced Search results we recommend opening a paid account. Paid account holders can perform any combination of keyword, date range, email classification, holiday and other searches on our rich data universe of 8+ million emails.


Make your email marketing more responsive

When you become a MailCharts paid account holder, access to our huge dataset of holiday emails is just the beginning.

Your pro account also lets you:

  • Analyze full Email Journeys that document campaigns triggered by common actions like placing an order, abandoning a cart or canceling a subscription
  • Compare your email program against a peer, an industry or a set of brands you configure yourself — so you can identify trends in sending behavior, content analysis, promotions and email score
  • Tap curated industry groups that assemble emails sent by industry peers and help you uncover patterns in send time and day, promotions and more
  • Export emails as high-res images or HTML files or download email data for scores of emails in easy-to-manipulate CSV format

If you’ve been tasked with making your email marketing program more agile and responsive in the wake of unforeseen events, tools like these are a great place to start.

They can help you keep pace with email marketing trends, then cost-effectively test and deploy creative campaigns.

Editorial image credit: Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay