Itʼs not easy sharing #EmailsWeLove tweet roundups these days, but, well, letʼs keep calm and carry on, shall we?

Good Pair Days

Cool things you may not have noticed

We like the intriguing subject line of wine subscription service Good Pair Days’ smart, friendly email to the person *every* such service must message persuasively: subscription abandoners. Nicely done!

Starting with the box. All bottles come with their very own tasting notes.


Oh, Hey! 🙋Been Awhile...

We doubt @MeUndies realized how poignant the email headline “Remember Yesterday? That Was Fun” could be when it chose it for its cart abandonment email … but we can all appreciate its deeper meaning now.

We still have your stuff. You want it? MeUndies Remember Yesterday? That Wa

Teddy the Dog

I'm In Need Of Some Quarantinis 🐶🍸

We can’t help admiring @Teddy_the_dog for taking the bull by the horns (or should that be the mutt by the ears?)

Shop Now QUARANTINE AND CHILL Quarantine and Chill? It's what I do best! Fr