Now that Q4 is in full swing, your need for rich, inspiring email planning data is more urgent than ever.

With that in mind we continue to grow, refresh, organize and curate our dataset to meet your needs. For instance, every month you gain access to more and more triggered series, or email journeys, that give you an inside look at how ecommerce brands target cart abandoners, browse abandoners, purchasers, new subscribers and subscription service churners.

Let’s summarize some of our data mining in September.


Latest curated email examples

Every month we update many of our dozens of popular curated email examples to keep them (and you) current. In September we added inspiring new selections for:


New brands in our database

As always, it’s important to cover the ecommerce waterfront in search of new brands to enhance our database. Here are some of the brands we started curating in September:

Brands with new journeys

Our Journeys show you how brands seek to engage email recipients with a triggered series — everything from welcoming and onboarding new subscribers to following up when they browse and leave, abandon a cart, place an order or cancel a subscription.

Speaking of cart abandoner journeys, they’re essential for bringing back forgetful or procrastinating customers to execute their orders. Last month we classified triggered cart abandoner journeys from:

We also browse online products and then depart, allowing us to classify browse abandonment journeys from brands like these:

Brands with new subscriber journeys

When you market for a subscription brand you must obviously minimize subscriber churn. Follow the progress of our September subscriber journeys for brands like these, and see how they respond when we sign up, come on board and then cancel:


Brands with classified purchaser journeys

Purchaser journeys show how brands 1) keep customers informed as they await their order and 2) continue marketing post-purchase, when many buyers are primed to order again.

Last month we began classifying purchaser journeys from such brands as:


What we’re up to in October

  • Adding new cart abandonment, welcome and onboarding journeys
  • Making purchases to add both purchase and post-purchase journeys
  • Collecting more new curated email examples


Editorial photo by Bozhin Karaivanov on Unsplash

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