As someone in the email space there’s one question that keeps coming over and over and over again: “I have a client that does <insert business activity here>, what ESP do you think they should use”?

This is a difficult question to answer. Here’s why: While I’ve been in the email space for over five years, I’ve only worked extensively with four ESPs. I’ve dabbled in a dozen or so ESPs, but there’s only four I feel comfortable talking about when it comes to the nitty gritty.

Four is really sparse considering there are well over 100 ESP to choose from. And, let’s be honest, unless your full-time job is to learn new ESPs, nobody has time to master all of them.

So, going back to our earlier question, how can I be helpful, make a good recommendation, and avoid overfavoring the four ESPs I know so well? What if I’ve learnt four unpopular ESPs? Nobody wants to recommend a tool that’s unpopular!

Luckily for us, MailCharts is here to help.

That’s right, soon you will be able to see which company uses what ESP — or any other email technology. You’ll also be able to see all of the companies that use a given technology.

Meaning you’ll be able to know which technology is most popular amongst your peers — giving you a chance to see how your email-stack stacks up against others.

While we’re still putting the final touches on the product, we wanted to answer 3 popular questions online retailers ask. To do this, we analyzed the IR1000 to see what technology powers their email programs.

Question #1: How many different email technologies should I use?

On average, IR1000 companies use 2.7 different technologies to power their email programs. The distribution is really interesting — notice how some companies use over 10 different technologies!

Question #2: Do big companies use MailChimp?

Yes, very much so. MailChimp is in the top 10 in terms of popularity. For anyone that questioned whether large companies use MailChimp, now you know 🙂

High fives to you, Freddy.

Question #3: What are the most popular email technologies out there?

Let’s look at all technologies used by IR1000. This includes ESP, SMTP as a service, analytics, ad platforms. The whole enchilada.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is your top 24 (Disclaimer: These are preliminary results as we’re still putting the finishing touches on the email technology inspector. This list may change once the actual product goes live.):

  1. Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  2. Salesforce Exacttarget
  3. Bronto
  4. Oracle Responsys
  5. Experian Marketing Services
  6. Mailchimp
  7. Listrak
  8. Litmus
  9. Return Path
  10. Ibm Marketing Cloud
  11. Movable Ink
  12. Sendgrid
  13. App Nexus
  14. Conversant
  15. Mediamath
  16. Adobe Experience Manager
  17. Doubleclick By Google
  18. Magnetic
  19. Ebay Enterprise
  20. Sailthru
  21. Bounce Exchange
  22. Bluekai
  23. Adobe Campaign
  24. Convertro

Edits: Thanks to Ankit for pointing out that Sendgrid was initially twice in the list. Also, we added the disclaimer since we’re still refining the email technology inspector.

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