Yep: it’s our Friday roundup of #EmailsWeLove tweets straight from our @MailCharts Twitter handle.


Better than π

Our inner nerd fell into the swirling vortex of @Microsoft‘s hypnotic #PiDay #animatedgif sale (31.4% off, naturally)

Microsoft The π Day Sale starts now. The digits of Pi continue forever, but

HelloFresh USA

Introducing the Taco Burger...

We’re suckers for devious April Fool’s Day emails, but @HelloFresh went a step too far by promoting an irresistible (and, alas, totally nonexistent) taco burger we wanna try!

HelloFresh Logo Introducing the Taco Burger. Happy April Fools' Day! Well t


Introducing, our design icons!

It figures a fashion-forward wallet & bag company like @Bellroy would create a gorgeous email like this one to promote its most iconic, “decade defining” designs. And we want that travel wallet!

Wallets Bags Accessories New Releases Design that defined the decade.In the