Yesterday we were delighted to join Klaviyo and Common Thread Collective for the timely webinar “Enough with the Anxiety: How to Survive Cyber Weekend 2020”.

The result of a survey of over 100 ecommerce merchants, the webinar demystified email marketers’ concerns about consumer holiday spending plans and budgets as well as COVID-related issues challenging timely shipping and fulfillment.

Review the webinar deck and watch the presentation for common-sense suggestions for tackling these key Q4 objectives:

  • When to start marketing
  • What to say
  • When/how to discount
  • Shipping & fulfillment
  • Going forward: what you need to know


We love sharing great data!

In our webinars and workshops we do our best to share the haps on upcoming holidays, industry trends, and email marketing strategies. Why? We love sharing our great ecommerce data and information. If you’re interested in hosting a webinar with us — just drop us a line,


Check out the webinar deck


Watch the presentation

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Visit Klaviyo to watch a video recording of the full presentation.