Check out the recap from our webinar: Hot & New: Cart Abandoner Series where we discussed how you can leverage MailCharts to build or improve existing journeys and recent cart abandoners within the app. 

Faherty Brand

Faherty Brand keeps their 3-email cart abandoner series relatively simple: dynamically populated product left behind in cart, clear CTA to return to cart, and additional best sellers to shop.

Based on what we see in the MailCharts app, cart abandoners typically contain 2-3 emails. The content within these emails can be relatively simple, dynamically pulling in the item left behind.

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Similar to Faherty Brand, Cupshe highlights other products shoppers might like. We love that they have a large call out for their free shipping in the first email and offer a discount in the second email. They have a relatively condensed timeline with email 1 sent 1 hour after abandonment and the second ~10 hours later.

Cart abandoners rely on people converting shortly after abandoning. Shoppers should ideally convert within the first 48 hours after abandoning.

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Hylete focuses on their branding within emails by including large header images using workout imagery. Phrases like: “you might want to hurry” and “your cart is expiring” drive shoppers back to cart and can be an effective alternative to offering a discount.

Your brand doesn’t need to show all of its cards at the start of the series. Wait until your final email in a cart abandoner series to introduce a discount offer or use ‘last chance’ messaging.

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Tip: Journey view options

Journeys allow you to toggle between different views. The default view shows all of the emails included in the journey and our timeline view is great for understanding trigger events, the time between emails, and the time before the initial email is sent. This is helpful as you build out workflows and wait for steps between emails. Image1 3 285x300