Wasn’t able to attend the Welcome Series webinar? We’ve got you covered. We’ll be uploading all webinars to YouTube afterwards so that you can tune-in any time! Check out the recap below to see how your brand can make stunning welcome series like Warby Parker, Urban Decay, and Bonobos.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker highlights their competitive edge throughout their welcome series emails including: ability to try on at home for free, virtual try on, and ability to visit stores in person. What’s your competitive edge? 

Whether you’re in beauty, apparel, or another ecommerce category, all brands have an opportunity to highlight what makes them different. That can be as simple as the quality of the product, easy returns, or free shipping on all orders over $X.

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Urban Decay

While some brands avoid discounts, it’s a great idea to include them within your welcome series to drive first-time purchases. As new email subscribers are likely more engaged during the welcome series, this is the optimal place to include a limited time offer.  

Many ESPs, like Klaviyo, allow you to add custom discount codes with an expiration date to drive purchases now vs. later. It’s a good idea to potentially increase welcome offers during high discount periods like Q4.

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Testimonials are a great way to engage new customers as they get to hear from real customers about their experience with the products. You can either include reviews you’ve collected on site or highlight reviews that have been shared via social media to promote your social media channels.

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Webinar Recording


Tip for Pro Subscribers

Search for individual brands within the top right search bar within the MailCharts app. Simply click the ‘+’ in the search results or click the brand and select ‘Add [BRAND] to Group’. From there, you can create your own custom group. All of your custom groups will show in the tab, Collections > My Groups.


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