To find out, we dug into 30+ luxury brands — from Manolo Blahnik and Louis Vuitton to Jimmy Choo, Supreme, and Gucci.

You’ll find our answers in Luxury Email Marketing Trends. 

Whether you work in Fashion or Fast Food, Watches or Weight Loss, our Marketing Trends series delivers a compelling quick take on industries whose email data and statistics we receive, compile, organize and strive to make sense of every day.

In sum, the series showcases the power of MailCharts groups to inform and strengthen your marketing.


Instant insights into four broad marketing areas

For Luxury brands you get instant insights into:

  1. Industry sending behavior on promotional rate, percentage-off promos and most popular send day and send time
  2. Industry trends in areas like e-commerce and digital marketing, millennial consumer preferences and influencer marketing
  3. Creative email examples from leading Luxury brands Coach, The Kooples, Dolce & Gabbana and Balmain
  4. Content strategy tips on extending branding, injecting movement, helping buyers choose wisely, increasing personalization and integrating social media and influencer content

As you can see, our Marketing Trends series lays out key facts and trend lines you can use to align or realign your email marketing strategies to grow or revitalize your customer base.


Customize your own take on peers or competitors, too

But suppose you wanted to tailor your own revealing snapshot of peers or competitors.

We also make it easy to create your own custom group to view key data points across a collection of brands plus compare and benchmark yourself against the companies you select. Now you can track year-over-year campaigns and promotions for custom and curated groups plus get a glimpse into what you might expect for the current calendar year.

Bottom line: when it comes to monitoring your peers, competitors or industry, there’s no need to go it alone. Rely on our homegrown groups or log in and roll your own … we deliver the most powerfully cost-effective way to inform and strengthen your email marketing.