We chatted this afternoon with a handful of fellow email marketers to catch-up on the last couple of weeks. We reviewed results from our poll, Hey, Email Marketers. What’s going on?, and then Chelsea McClure of Redbubble shared results and insights from her program over the past few weeks.

Thanks again to our community!

We were able to get valuable and helpful input once again with the help of our friends in the email world:

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A big thank you to Chelsea

It was awesome having Chelsea share her thoughts, results, and insights with all of us. We’re so glad that she was able to take time out of her busy day, not only for the presentation itself but for the hours of prep that it takes to get a webinar produced. Thank you!

What’s going on?

Click here to watch our video recording of the full How’s it going? session.

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Poll results

Once again, we checked-in with the email community (if you haven’t yet, answer here) and got answers to a few burning questions to help us all move forward. Below are the responses we received from dozens of email marketers. Of particular note is that our response rate was much lower than two weeks ago—are we getting run down? Tired of talking?

Here are the results:

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We also asked poll attendees a bit more about their current email activities—here’s what they had to say.

How has your business been impacted over the past four weeks

Assuming an initial dip in your business have you started seen an uptick recovery

Has ad spend decreased at your company  SEM PPC social display etc.

Are you fatigued by the words COVID coronavirus pandemic trying times new normal ...   1

Are you overwhelmed by an increase in external requests suggestions for campaigns or otherwise

What’s next?

We’re joining forces with Gorgias next week to discuss how email can be used as part of the conversation with your customers. We hope you’ll register and look forward to seeing you!

More polling and data

If you’re looking for more reporting within the community the team at Holistic Email Marketing has two polls live right now: