If you’ve logged into the MailCharts app recently, you’ve probably noticed some changes to the available reports. We are on a quest to supercharge the email data we’ve collected from millions of campaigns and thousands of brands. So, we created more tools to help you turn our data into information and insights

Our app now provides more comparison and benchmark data so you can better compare YoY, MoM, and industry data for your ecommerce brand.

Using our new reports, you can compare email metrics by date ranges, by specific brands in the MailCharts ecosystem, and by groups or industries (such as Apparel, Beauty & Personal Care, Home, and so on).

While the data behind our reports is unchanged, the way we’ve organized it to provide insights has radically improved. Our new reports illustrate brands’ Sending Behavior, Subject Lines, Promotions, Benchmarks, and Calendar. While many of these reports might sound familiar to you if you’ve logged into our app before, you’ll see that their look and feel make them much more informative.


What you’ll see in new reports

Sending behavior

Whats new image1 248x300

High level, this report helps your ecommerce brand optimize and fine-tune your email campaign and strategy. Within this report, you can:

  • Quickly analyze sending cadence and identify trends in behavior based on YoY or MoM analysis of historical data.
  • Compare sending behavior such as time of day and day of the week most popular for sends of other ecommerce brands and groups to pinpoint new opportunities for sending an email.
  • Benchmark a brand or group’s sending behavior against others in your industry or the MailCharts dataset.

Subject lineWhats new image2 153x300

Parts of this report might look familiar, but we’ve added more charts around subject line trends. Our new subject line report inspires your content and design while giving you insight into terms that are trending in emails. With this report, you’ll be able to:

  • View popular and significant terms and see how they’ve changed MoM or YoY, and compare what’s popular with other brands and groups.
  • Compare and contrast your subject line length and types against other brands to guide your strategy and planning.
  • View examples of emails being sent with various subject line lengths to inspire your next subject line A/B test


Whats new image3 180x300

Ever wonder what types of promotions other brands are offering in your industry? What about promoting a percent-off versus a dollar-off amount? In this report, you’ll be able to quickly see this information and develop your brand’s promotional strategy:

  • Compare the number of emails containing a promotional rate over time
  • Track historical promotion periods to better understand how and when brands and groups are promotional.
  • Compare types of promotions within a group or industry (percent-off, dollar-off, free shipping, BOGO) as well as specific examples of each.

Benchmarks Whats new image4 150x300

This report is brand-new to the MailCharts reporting arsenal and is dedicated to giving you fast insights into key data points including:

  • Weekly email send frequency
  • Popular send day of week
  • Popular send time of day
  • Promotion rate
  • Subject line length
  • Mobile optimization rate
  • MailCharts email score (best practices)

With benchmark reports, you can quickly spot opportunities in your sending behavior and content by comparing your data against MailCharts’ hand-curated ecommerce brands. You can also use benchmark reports with groups or industries to compare whole industries against the average of brands in the MailCharts Index.

Calendar Whats new image5 300x279

Last, but certainly not least, is our calendar report. This report provides a simple calendar to view key email data at the month or day level and compare that data to historical metrics as well as emails containing a promotion. You might be wondering how you can compare historicals with this calendar as holidays shift days YoY. The answer? We created this calendar using the NRF 4-5-4 retail calendar for more accurate historical comparisons.

Excited to get started? Login to the MailCharts app or sign up for free to start using our new reports to grasp your competitive landscape, identify areas for growth and use trends to power your monthly email calendar.

Editorial photo by Alexander Sinn on Unsplash