Check out our recap below for our recent workshop: Make your subject lines pop where we talked through easy tips of searching through MailCharts for subject line inspiration and getting out of your subject line ‘rutt’. We’ll use the unlocked group of the week: Airlines & Air Travel

Tip 1: Search specific date ranges for holiday/seasonal inspiration

If you’re looking for subject line inspiration during a specific holiday like Black Friday or a seasonal date range (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring), use advanced search to narrow the date range. 


In the Airlines & Air Travel group, search May 2021 – July 2021 for summer travel inspiration or how brands are messaging upcoming Fall/Winter travel in their subject lines. The more narrow your date window, the fewer, more targeted results you’ll see.

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Tip 2: Search keywords in subject lines for specific topic inspiration

Sometimes, you may have already planned the type of content you want to focus on, but you need subject line inspiration. By leveraging the search keyword ‘subject line only’ filter, we can search specific topics. For example, an airline has a planned campaign for a destination so they’re searching keywords like ‘beach’, ‘Europe’, and ‘Italy’ for targeted content examples. 

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Tip 3: Leverage the subject line report for trends

If you’re truly starting from scratch with inspiration and want to get some baseline trends for your industry, leverage subject line reports to see keyword trends during a specific time period for the group, individual brands within the group, or comparing different timeframes. 

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